Rosie Huntington Flaunts Sexy Body on Cover Page of Esquire UK

Rosie-HuntingtonRosie Huntington-Whitely is all ready to welcome the spring. She dazzles for the April 2015 issue of Esquire UK in a swim suit. For the photograph the English supermodel poses stylishly alongside a pool on a sun chair and she looks absolutely stunning as her perfect physique is revealed.
Rosie said to Esquire that she still is attached to her hometown. She said, “I had to leave Devon to really appreciate it. I’ve travelled really broadly across the whole world. I’ve been to some stunning places and now I go back to Devon and it is right up there. I mean, it’s kind of breathtaking. I was the country kid who wanted to go to the city. As soon as I hit my teens and I started to get inspired by fashion and culture and travel, I wanted the cosmopolitan life and the opportunities you could only get if you lived in London. I wanted to be in a city that was glamorous, that was sexy, that was dangerous.”

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