Nile Rodgers Launches Chic Single

Karlie-KlossNile Rodgers got a hit to his name in the form of ‘Get Lucky’ along with Daft Punk and Pharrell Williams and now the legendary guitar player is ready with his forthcoming Chic single in 23 years.
He revealed the single ‘I’ll Be There’ this week. Along with the song comes a very interesting video which features Chicago-born supermodel Karlie Kloss who moves around in her underwear as she is watching old episode of ‘Soul Train’.
Rodgers posted a clip to his Facebook page and wrote, “World Premiere!! ‪#‎IllBeThere is a moving concept for me about decisions we make in life. We’ve tried to capture all the nuances in the full length video and still keep it fun. Karlie Kloss connects the past and present. She sees the original group (who plays this track) on Soul Train. She, visualizes the past looking at old school vinyl – then gets dressed and goes out to a current party to meet up with Stephen Galloway and the current ‪#‎CHIC lineup happens to be playing live. I’m very thankful to be debuting it exclusively w Music on Facebook to the world. Here it is. I hope you like it.”

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