Kendra Wilkinson Wants to Get Rid of Her Breast Implants

Kendra-WilkinsonKendra Wikinson came into limelight when Hugh Hefner started dating her but now it appears that she doesn’t want any such thing more.
The ‘Girls Next Door’ starlet said to Daily Mail that she wants to keep herself away from Playboy image, “My body used to be to please men, but my body is for me now. All men want to see is a body that pleases their eyes, especially in my case because I come from the Playboy world and they don’t want to see my body doing something other than pleasing them. If guys don’t like my body now that’s actually a good thing… that means I’m shedding the Playboy image.”
She added, “I’m going through a phase right now where I don’t fit my boobs anymore. I’m thinking about a reduction because that was a phase and now I am out of it. After my daughter was born, when I was breastfeeding it became hard not to look at my boobs now and see them as milk and fat. The person I feel like today isn’t a person with big boobs. I feel like I’m trapped in this body right now.”

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