Victoria Justice is Blonde for Kode Magazine Spring 2015 Issue!

Victoria-JusticeVictoria Justice decided to try something new and she adopted a new look as apparent from her pictures in Kode magazine. The ‘Victorious’ starlet looked very mature compared to her earlier Nickelodeon getup. She donned a blonde wig and many flirty outfits.
About her image Victoria said, “I wouldn’t say it is squeaky clean. I don’t portray myself as one way for the media or the pubic and then I’m totally different in real life. I do try to keep my personal life private for the most part, and I’m not the girl who’s always out and about on the club circuit, drinking and doing drugs. The way I represent myself through my interviews and on my social media accounts is pretty much who I am. I’ve been in the industry since I was eight years old. I think if you were going to try and sell people a certain image that wasn’t true to yourself, you could only fool them for so long, things would eventually come out, about who you really are. In today’s world with the internet, cell phone cameras and videos, you can’t get away with a fake persona for long.”

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