American Idol to Close Down Next Year-Final Season Planned

American-Idol-to-Close-Down“American Idol” the hit television reality show which saw many contestants taking different challenges to earn a place in Hollywood-would finally wrap-up next year. The show has seen a remarkable amount of viewers-averaging to about 20 Million in its peak and had made many stars out of newcomers-such as Carrie Underwood, Kelly Clarkson and many more. It had inspired many such shows across the world-and was a huge revenue earner for its producer’s-Fox Network. The last season of the show would be hosted by the current host Ryan Seacrest along with judges Jennifer Lopez , Keith Urban and Harry Connick and would be in January next year. The last show would be a celebration of its success through the years, and can possibly include past judges, celebrities and contestants who made it big. Though being highly popular, American Idol had been recently seeing a slow downward trend in terms of viewership’s, and this could be because the audience had slowly got bored with the general idea of the show-and changing themes and working on other aspects didn’t much help. At a current viewership trend of around 9 Million viewers, the producers felt that it was time to bring the show to a close with a celebration. Also, other popular music based talent shows also caused a dent in its viewership-and the upcoming 15’ season is seen as a graceful exit.

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