Shock Again-Tiger Wood’s Cheating Rumored to be Reason for his Split with Lindsey Vonn

Shock-Again-Tiger-Wood's-ChIf rumors are to be believed, Tiger Wood’s alleged affairs and one-night stand with an unknown woman might be the reason behind the split with his girlfriend of 3 years- Lindsey Vonn. The couple did split a few days back, and from we get to see from Tiger’s reaction on that-seems that it was Lindsey who took the call to walk away from the relationship after Tiger himself admitted to a one-night stand during a therapy and counseling session that they took jointly sometime back. Tiger Woods-one of the golf legends of all times, was notoriously in the news for his infamous addiction and numerous one-night stands, which finally got uncovered leading to a split with his fiancé model Elin Nordegren in 2010, apart from taking a heavy toll on his career. He was under therapy for quite some time possibly to help overcome his infamous addiction, and again did make a comeback in his career recently. An official confirmation from them both is awaited on these rumors.

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