Your Google Hangout Could Have Been Hacked

Your-Google-HangoutYour Google Hangout could have been hacked-Google itself admits they aren’t safe
If you are shocked that your Google hangout conversation could have been hacked-you have much more to worry about. Google itself admitted a few days back that it does not use end-to-end encryption technologies for Google hangouts-and they can be hacked easily by predators and hackers. On the contrary, Apple uses secure encryption for Facetime messaging-which is something the popular Google hangouts lack. It was also shockingly admitted by Google that it also shares the communication with Government agencies when required and the “Turn-off Record” doesn’t really cause your messages not to be stored. So, if you are under the impression that the sleek and easy to use hangouts were much better then Google chat-for which it has been a replacement, we advise you to understand the possibilities and the accepted level of risk.

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