Facebook “Like” Plugin Places a Tracking Cookie on Your Computer

Facebook-'Like'-Plugin-PlacFacebook has often been accused of handling your private information without your consent, and this had been widely debated upon with FB denying any such claims. However, Belgium’s Privacy Protection Commission (CPVP/CBPL) (an European watchdog agency) clams that Facebook places a cookie on your computer even in cases where you do not have a Facebook account-and this cookie can be used to track your browsing habits and personal information, allowing Facebook to store and analyze your data.

This is said to be done through the Facebook “like” plugin on any webpage you visit-with FB claiming that it was a big that is being resolved. The agency also advised users to install privacy software to prevent unauthorized cookies from being stored on a user’s computer. They also said that this is in violation of European privacy laws and that they would discuss with other member nations on a united plan of action.

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