Before you Get to Read This-Your Ubiquiti Router Could have Been Already Hijacked by Anonymous


A study of the pattern of infected systems worldwide since last December by online security firm Incapsula has come-up with a news that thousands of routers across the world could have been victims of an attack by hacking group Anonymous-which is using them to create DDOS (Destructive Denial of Service) type of a botnet attack.

The design vulnerabilities in SOHO routers for small offices and houses using the Ubiquiti routers have made it a target group for the hackers-whose attack pattern was successful in spite of the encrypted logins and industry standard security that these routers use. They were hacked and loaded with many DDOS software’s such as MrBlack, DoFloo etc-apart from backdoor programs.

We suggest readers to change their router access passwords and get the latest security update on their devices.

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