Is Kim Kardashian Pregnant Again-We See Two Conflicting Rumours

Kim-KardashianKim Kardashian is rumoured to be pregnant again and some sources also claim that the fertilization wasn’t natural-but was done through IVF and that a boy is expected. Kim Kardashian is married to Kanye Westand has her first child some time back.

However, there was also an online report that said that Kim was trying hard to conceive this time and no matter what they did-it didn’t cause her to get pregnant. Kim went to the extent of asking Kanye not to wear tight pants as they would destroy the sperms and is keeping him away from booze and hot water baths. In spite of all this they were going through a harrowing time conceiving and were actively looking into artificial means.

We leave it to our readers to take a call till an official confirmation is give. Else, would it be that both rumours are true and one followed the other?


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