Paris Hilton and Leonard DiCaprio Fight it out in Cannes Charity Auction

Paris-Hilton-and-Leonard-DiAn auction for a social cause saw Hollywood heavyweights socialite Paris Hilton and Leonardo DiCaprio locked in a intense bidding for an embroidered blue Chanel purse, which was finally sold to DiCaprio for $13,000. He wanted to have the purse as a gift for his mother, and this saw his intensely bidding with Paris amongst others, and he won when she finally relented. Both were quite cool about the bids and Leo did also lose on a few other bids.

Amongst all the items that were put to bid that day, the proceeds would go for Heart Fund, which works for providing cardiac care for poor children across the globe. This charity auction was attended by Gary Dourdan, Mos-Def etc, and had a achieved goal of having funds to buy a plane and supplies to reach out to the needy.

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