Shocking: Flights can be Hacked Right from the inside-Expert Chris Roberts Proves

Chris-RobertsIn what could be a sensational report on airline security and the apparent ease in which the flight electronic system can be hacked, Chris Roberts, a Computer Expert at One World Labs claimed that he did hack into a flights engine controls right while he was sitting inside the plane. This claim is being investigated by FBI, and though there are no reports to prove its genuineness.

He also claimed that during 2011 to 2014, he did also hack the system and rewrote codes, making a plane briefly fly sideways. Chris Robert’s claim can be taken as a beginning for more security emphasis on the new form of airline hijacking, electronic hacking.

Meanwhile, Chris also claimed to have hacked into NASA’s international space station a decade back, and all his claims were backed by sound technical backing which leaves them quite open to being believed.

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