Solved: The Mystery Behind the iMessage Bug for IPhone and iPads


The mystery behind the iMessage bug that causes iPhones and iPads to crash has been finally solved. Researchers from Guardian daily says that it due to the use of non-Latin scripts which cause the Ellipsis character to be used in between the message, whereas its used by the internal application to identify an alert notification. When the phone sees the character in middle of the message, it causes the system to crash and has a reboot.

While Apple has reportedly acknowledged this bug, and a fix is yet to be made public. Till then, user’s having non-Latin notifications (All language scripts that are not English) need to turn notifications off.

Else, if you have been affected by such a message, you just need to open the Photo App and send that user a picture, so that it opens your crashed messages and allows you to delete that particular message/notification alert.

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