Selena Gomez Mad and Emotional on her Rehab Rumors!

Selena-GomezSelena Gomez did have nasty rumors being spread about her across the internet a few days back, saying that the famous singer and teenage sensation was to check into rehab to fight depression and stress after her painful breakup with Justin Bieber. Viral rumors went ahead saying that the For You singer was getting out of control with her emotions and had already checked into a rehab.

Selena reacted to these rumors saying that she was very much better currently and that they were all false. She said that she was very excited to show the “Truth” (?)about herself and also posted a touchy Instagram post with a text saying that “I want to Claim my own name”.

Well, seems Selena isn’t hyper as she was said to be, but there seems a lot of emotional under currents within her, after the recently reported patch-up with Justin, which just didn’t work out. Keep watching this space for more on the latest in Hollywood gossip.

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