Google Goof-Up’s: Indian PM, Bill Gates in list of “Top 10 Criminals”

Indian-PM,-Bill-GatesIn a shocking error by Google’s near to flawless search ranking algorithm, the search results for the keyword “Top 10 Criminals” had names of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Bill Gates and Arvind Kejriwal amongst notorious terrorists across the world such as Laden, Gangster Al Capone and Hafeez Sayeed. This glaring error was soon noticed by users online and became viral.

Google followed-up by rectifying the error and issuing an apology to Mr.Modi, and said that the specified search result was not indicating of its opinion and was a technical error, possibly due to a British daily having his image and wrongly posted Metadata (Keyword Information).

The error led to a viral discussion on the internet, with Twitter hashtag #Top10Criminals being the topmost trend in India yesterday.

Relieved: Lindsay Lohan Finally Completes her Community Service and Escapes Legal Battle


Our readers might be aware of the pending community service sentence against Lindsay Lohan and the way the superstar had initially tried to keep it pending with her engagements and schedule. Lindsay was also quoted that she would flee rather than getting into the legal battle again if she fails to finish the sentence by this month end.

We were overjoyed when it was reported that Lindsay had indeed completed the pending 125 odd hours of her community service by working for almost 8 hours a day in a school in Brooklyn. Hope the talented actor finally leaves her troubled past and addictions behind and works her way back to the top in her career. This community service verdict was due to a reckless driving case that was booked against her several years back, and she had skipped the community service schedule multiple times, with this being the last chance for her.

One Child Molestation Case Against Late Michael Jackson Dropped!


One of the child molestation cases against pop legend the Late Michael Jackson has been dropped as the petitioner had already admitted under oath that Michael did not do anything improper with him, and since the testimony was made under oath long back, the fresh charges would not be considered. The case was dropped by the judge.

Wade Robinson had claimed that Michael had molested him when he was a child and laid a claim to the dead pop star’s estate for damages. He said that after the psychological therapy he underwent, he realized that he was molested and made a fresh claim that he was raped, but the judge didn’t consider the change of mind. Michael Jackson had been accused of child molestation and there were multiple cases against him, some continuing even after his death, with his estate being the party to them.

Miley Cyrus Teasingly Flashes for Free the Nipple Campaign

Miley-CyrusSinger and actress Miley Cyrus is back to her raunchier self when she posted her near topless images with just a wig and a loose top. This had viewers only going into frenzy to locate the missing nip slip, but seems that they were none to find. Check your luck in those raunchy images uploaded in Instagram

Miley has posted these images for Free the Nipple campaign, which is for empowering women worldwide. The campaign is against censorship and oppression and has quite a few celebrities endorsing its cause. Its major crusade is against laws and society that criminalize women who go topless, and works for empowering women who do it of their free will.

Solved: The Mystery Behind the iMessage Bug for IPhone and iPads


The mystery behind the iMessage bug that causes iPhones and iPads to crash has been finally solved. Researchers from Guardian daily says that it due to the use of non-Latin scripts which cause the Ellipsis character to be used in between the message, whereas its used by the internal application to identify an alert notification. When the phone sees the character in middle of the message, it causes the system to crash and has a reboot.

While Apple has reportedly acknowledged this bug, and a fix is yet to be made public. Till then, user’s having non-Latin notifications (All language scripts that are not English) need to turn notifications off.

Else, if you have been affected by such a message, you just need to open the Photo App and send that user a picture, so that it opens your crashed messages and allows you to delete that particular message/notification alert. hacked, Millions of Accounts Compromised

GaanaIn the series of latest hack attacks on popular websites, Indian music portal was hacked and almost ten million account details were compromised when they were posted on a different website. The hacker called MakMan supposedly from Pakistan had posted a link to a popular social media site which had the account details, also containing private information. has asked its users not to change passwords of their accounts, but rather deactivate them. It also cautioned those who have the same login details for other social sites to change those account passwords. The hack was supposedly done by SQL injection and the hacker also ridiculed the site’s attempt to rectify that parameter. is currently down with a message saying that it was under maintenance activity.

Is Chris Brown Turning his Back on Maintenance Payments?

Chris-BrownChris Brown had split from Nia Guzman and one of the agreed terms was that he would be paying a monthly maintenance fee of $25,000 for the upkeep of their daughter Royalty. Now it seems that Chris has stopped the payments and it’s reported that this was when Nia demanded $150,000 per month, six times the agree figure.

Chris was steady with his former girlfriend Karrueche Tran, but they split when the news about his fathering Royalty with Nia came out in the open. Nia is a former model based in Texas and official comments from their representatives is awaited as it’s heard that Nia’s lawyer would consider filing a legal case.