Smartphones Can Bend Into Different Shapes

Smartphones-Can-BendThis will be the interesting news of the day. Soon we can see the mobile pone in the market which has to speciality to bend into different shapes and forms.

A research was being done in the Department of Computer Science, University of Bristol in this regard. This research is based on the ‘Shape resolution’ where different shape changing materials will be used for the preparation of mobile phones. This entire research was being lead by Dr. Anne Roudaut and Professor Sriram Subramanian. They reported that the interesting phase of their research is to develop mobile phones which the features to change shape on demand. This feature of changing the shape will be very user friendly and meet the convenience of the users. Hope such mobiles will be seen soon in the market.

iPhone will Track Sex Life Here After


Apple is gearing up to launch its new operating system IOS 9 at the end of this year. This new OS will have the feature to track the sexual activity of its users. This assessment will be done by an application ‘Apple’s Healthkit tool’  which will have a track on health and fitness. This app will figure out the fitness details like heart beat, cholesterol, Callories, sugar levels etc. Even women can track their basal body temperature and cervical mucus quality which are linked to fertility cycles and ovulation.

This new feature of Apple will be an important medium to all it users to have a track on their health and fitness regularly.

Apple Developed Application to Switch From Android to IOS


Apple has developed an application which facilitates to switch the user from android to IOS. This application has the wireless transfer mechanism. The main feature of this application is to transfer user’s contacts, images, videos, notes, mails etc. This app also has an additional feature which will suggest to download the applications that are installed previously in the android phone.

Apple also provided the facility to recycle the previous/ old android in any Apple stores at free of cost.

No Annual Fee For MS Windows 10


There are many rumors and speculations across the internet that Microsoft will collect annual fee for using Windows 10. Few sources reported that fee will be charged after free-for-one year upgrade offer expires. But, Microsoft clarified that these rumors are false.
If the windows is upgraded between July 26, 2015 and July 29, 2016, there is a chance to upgrade to Windows 10 at free of cost. After July 29th 2016, you will have to pay for getting the license of Windows 10.
Microsoft clearly specified that the operating system is free of cost. It is not a introductory version or a trial version.

Skype Can Now be Used From a Web Browser


Microsoft’s popular communication tool Skype can now be used from a web browser with the same capabilities. It allows text, video, chat as well as file sharing and the beta launch for the web based service has been launched in UK and US markets.

The access requires a plugin to be downloaded and Skype for web is expected to be launched across the world shortly. It can be accessed from or and works from all browsers including Chrome, Mozilla, Safari as well as IE. However, the feature is not available on Chromebooks.

The feature now loads all your communications in the browser window and also displays notifications which can be accessed even from a different browser.

Shock: Major US Government Sites Hacked, Chinese Involvement Suspected

US-GovernmentIn a major embarrassment to the US online security process, many federal sites across different states were hacked and data stolen or compromised in a recent attack in the past days. This includes sites of the HR and Interior departments of the federal government (Office of Personnel Management), and the target was mainly confidential employee data amounting to 4 Million records.

In a preliminary investigation, the FBI has said that the hack attempts were originating from China and also hinted at the involvement of a key foreign power to compromise the data. China had quickly responded to the unverified allegations saying that it was not involved in the massive attack and was instead the target for many such attempts.

Further details are awaited and a stabilization process has already been initiated for the compromised data.

Apple to Recall Beats Pill XL Wireless Speakers Due to Overheating Batteries

Pill-XLApple’s popular Beats Pill XL wireless speakers are currently being recalled across USA after numerous complaints of the battery in the device overheating and causing fire sometimes. This was to affect at least 222,000 sold sets, and customers would be issued a refund or a store credit within 3 weeks of the model being handed over for return, as the design flaw was only limited to this particular model.

The Beats speakers are a product of “Beats Electronics” which introduced them in 2013, and was later acquired by Apple in 2014 for an estimated cash payment of $3 Billion. Since then, Beats functions under the Apple banner.