Apple Developed Application to Switch From Android to IOS


Apple has developed an application which facilitates to switch the user from android to IOS. This application has the wireless transfer mechanism. The main feature of this application is to transfer user’s contacts, images, videos, notes, mails etc. This app also has an additional feature which will suggest to download the applications that are installed previously in the android phone.

Apple also provided the facility to recycle the previous/ old android in any Apple stores at free of cost.

Google sued for Blocking Privacy App Disconnect from Google Play

GoogleDisconnect was a privacy app available on Android platforms and allowed smartphone to block Ads from accessing their personal data and installing malware through advertizing. This App targeted advertizing services that use invisible tracking and user based preferences in distributing Ads, as well as installing software within the devise that helps that purpose.

The App was removed from Google Play as Google has said that it blocks the right of other Apps to indulge in third-party Ads. The makers have now sued Google for abusing its position as a leading online advertizing provider through Adwords, apart from having control over the Android platform and Google play. This case is one of the two prominent charges against Google in the Europe and is being investigated. Google has always been in criticism for having unfair advantage in search and advertizing, in association with its other product and service offerings.

Google’s New Light O/S Works for all Future Devices

GoogleGoogle has recently announced plans of developing a new operating system called Brillo that would be lightweight and suited for all devices where a computational memory and application is required. Be it internet connected and intelligent doorknobs, light bulbs, small electronic devices etc, which form the next generation Internet of Things, Google’s Brillo would be compact and fit where Android fails, as it requires at least 512 MB of RAM, whereas Brillo would just need 32 MB of space which is perfect for compact devices.

Google’s Brillo has stiff competition from Microsoft’s IoT (Internet of Things) version of Windows 10 and Apple’s HomeKit. The last time we saw something similar from Google-Andriod@Home, it was scrapped after being announced. Let’s hope that this compact version makes internet realy portable and easily connectable.

Shock- An Android Phone Reset Does not Wipe Away Data

AndroidFor all those who have used the factory reset option in Android phones, hoping that it would permanently delete all your personal data, here’s a shocker. Its reported from a study by Cambridge University that using that option does not erase all your data and a part of it, be it SMS’s, email’s, pictures and videos, along with contact information from your social media accounts such as Facebook and Twitter can still be easily retrieved. This gives your personal information to a third party when you have passed on the phone or sold it as used.

This research was undertaken across 21 different smartphones devices across five different manufacturers and between Andriod operating versions 2.3 till 4.3.

The survey also gave the same results even when full encryption was used and at times, even the master token to access Google Apps was available even though a reset was done. This puts about 500 Million Andriod phones at risk and feedback from individual manufactures are awaited.