Cloud Based Google Photo App is Now for IOS Users too

googleAt the recent tech event in 2015, Google announced that its new Photo App would now also be available for iOS users, thereby enabling iPhone or iPad users to get the advantage from the App. The App gives unlimited storage in secure cloud based storage as against storing them locally on your device.

An easy search and GUI makes it still sleek and better to use. The App offers unlimited cloud storage for normal resolution images and has a flexible pricing for high resolution images. Extensive search features include searching for terms which have not been tagged, as well as color based searching. There is also an Assistant feature in the App which creates automatic GIF’s for related images in your account.


Shock: Uber Can Track Your Location with their App once Installed

UberThe popular Uber App for quick cab booking across multiple countries and cities has been indispensable for users looking to save on communing time by giving them a quick access to a cab pickup. However, it has been learnt that since the App works on tracking your geographic location to update you on a cab pickup, it would also be storing and transmitting your location and using that for targeted advertizing, though the App would ask for permission for acting on these details.

This latest shocker would be seen as a violation of an individual’s privacy, and has come straight from the revised terms and conditions on the Uber website, which would be taking into effect from July 15’ onwards. So next time you choose Uber, remember to notice that it knew that you were there already.

Starbucks App Hacked and Data Stolen?

StarbucksThere were several viral reports that the Starbucks App was hacked-after there were incidents that many customers using the App did find loaded money missing from their online Starbucks App account . After analysis, it was reported that there was no security breach or error at their end-and Starbucks said that the hacks were individual attacks which took advantage of the auto-load feature of the App as well as the poor or compromised username password combinations of the App accounts.

Hackers somehow gained access to accounts using a variety of techniques and then added a gift card to the account after which the loaded the amount in the account to the gift card-post which it was used with Starbucks merchandize. It gets worse if the account is set to auto-debit-as hackers could keep refilling and moving the amount to the gift card. Starbucks reiterated that there is no fault at their end and said that users whose accounts were compromised should contact them directly and they would not be charged.