iPhone will Track Sex Life Here After


Apple is gearing up to launch its new operating system IOS 9 at the end of this year. This new OS will have the feature to track the sexual activity of its users. This assessment will be done by an application ‘Apple’s Healthkit tool’  which will have a track on health and fitness. This app will figure out the fitness details like heart beat, cholesterol, Callories, sugar levels etc. Even women can track their basal body temperature and cervical mucus quality which are linked to fertility cycles and ovulation.

This new feature of Apple will be an important medium to all it users to have a track on their health and fitness regularly.

Apple Developed Application to Switch From Android to IOS


Apple has developed an application which facilitates to switch the user from android to IOS. This application has the wireless transfer mechanism. The main feature of this application is to transfer user’s contacts, images, videos, notes, mails etc. This app also has an additional feature which will suggest to download the applications that are installed previously in the android phone.

Apple also provided the facility to recycle the previous/ old android in any Apple stores at free of cost.

Apple to Recall Beats Pill XL Wireless Speakers Due to Overheating Batteries

Pill-XLApple’s popular Beats Pill XL wireless speakers are currently being recalled across USA after numerous complaints of the battery in the device overheating and causing fire sometimes. This was to affect at least 222,000 sold sets, and customers would be issued a refund or a store credit within 3 weeks of the model being handed over for return, as the design flaw was only limited to this particular model.

The Beats speakers are a product of “Beats Electronics” which introduced them in 2013, and was later acquired by Apple in 2014 for an estimated cash payment of $3 Billion. Since then, Beats functions under the Apple banner.

Shock:Mac’s Sold Before 2014 have a Critical Vulnerability

macIf you though Macs are safer, here something that will scare you. It has been found that Macs sold before middle of 2014 have a vulnerability which gets activated when the system goes into the sleep mode. While in Sleep mode, the underlying UEFI (Firmware interface code) gets unlocked, allowing external malware to take charge of your system BIOS and settings.

The only solution to this vulnerability would be to prevent your Mac from going into the sleep mode, and use Shutdown instead. This was discovered by researcher Pedro Vilaca, who specializes in Mac O/S security issues.

Apparently, Apple did know of this shortcoming in that sequence of Macs and did not patch the vulnerability for that set of devices.

Solved: The Mystery Behind the iMessage Bug for IPhone and iPads


The mystery behind the iMessage bug that causes iPhones and iPads to crash has been finally solved. Researchers from Guardian daily says that it due to the use of non-Latin scripts which cause the Ellipsis character to be used in between the message, whereas its used by the internal application to identify an alert notification. When the phone sees the character in middle of the message, it causes the system to crash and has a reboot.

While Apple has reportedly acknowledged this bug, and a fix is yet to be made public. Till then, user’s having non-Latin notifications (All language scripts that are not English) need to turn notifications off.

Else, if you have been affected by such a message, you just need to open the Photo App and send that user a picture, so that it opens your crashed messages and allows you to delete that particular message/notification alert.

Your Google Hangout Could Have Been Hacked

Your-Google-HangoutYour Google Hangout could have been hacked-Google itself admits they aren’t safe
If you are shocked that your Google hangout conversation could have been hacked-you have much more to worry about. Google itself admitted a few days back that it does not use end-to-end encryption technologies for Google hangouts-and they can be hacked easily by predators and hackers. On the contrary, Apple uses secure encryption for Facetime messaging-which is something the popular Google hangouts lack. It was also shockingly admitted by Google that it also shares the communication with Government agencies when required and the “Turn-off Record” doesn’t really cause your messages not to be stored. So, if you are under the impression that the sleek and easy to use hangouts were much better then Google chat-for which it has been a replacement, we advise you to understand the possibilities and the accepted level of risk.

Iphone 6 To Be A Costly Affair

iphone-6 If rumors are to be believed, tech giant Apple is aiming to eliminate the current headphone jack on the iPhone. If Apple goes ahead with this plan then all the existing headphones would render useless. Ever since the first Walkman was introduced by Sony in 1979 a standard size 3.5mm jack has been used. This move to eliminate the current headphone jack on iPhone 6 will disappoint many customers who are still getting accustomed to the iPhone5. Customers were already upset when then 30 pin input was replaced by a much smaller lightning connector. With this, the expensive chargers, speakers and docking stations suddenly became unusable.
But sources say that this decision has been taken to accommodate a larger battery which can give a better resolution camera and better processing power. As per rumours, the phone will be launched on September, 19th, 2014.