Sangeeta Bijlani was not Invited for Arpita’s Wedding

Sangeeta-BijlaniArpita Khan, Salman’s sister recently got married in a grand way. The occasion was graced by the presence of many biggies from the B-town. While Salman’s former love interest Katrina Kaif was present at the wedding, his another ex Sangeeta Bijlani was missing at the event. It is said that Sangeeta was invited for the function and this is what made her angry.
Many people were invited who were not close to the Khan family or to the groom family. It is also said one of the high-profile guest present at the wedding made a lot of people present there feel awkward. If the guy in question was invited then it was sure that Sangeeta would surely be present at the wedding because she has been friends with Salman for very long and also is on good terms with the khan family.
Another Salman’s former girlfriend is upset with not being invited at the wedding. Salman missed many people who were to be invited at the wedding. This is something very sad.

Why SRK Didn’t Attend Arpita’s Wedding in Hyderabad

Shah-Rukh-KhanShah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan’s patch up at Arpita’s wedding took every one in joy. But the fans of the two stars were disappointed by the fact that Shah Rukh and his wife Gauri Khan were not present at the wedding in Hyderabad. What is the reason behind them missing the occasion?
Shah Rukh Khan visited Salman Khan’s family at their residence, the Galaxy apartment. He visited them a day before the Khan family left for Hyderabad for the grand wedding. SRK Chatted with Salman and his father Salim Khan for very long. He also gave Arpita a very beautiful gift. But now it is clear that SRK visited and greeted the family one day before because he was not coming to Arpita’s wedding at Hyderabad.
His absence at the wedding will remain a topic for discussion for very long.

Aamir Promoted his Film at Salman’s Sister’s Wedding

aamirAamir Khan was one of the chief guests in Salman Khan’s sister Arpita’s wedding. Aamir enjoyed himself at the function and also clicked photos with Karan Johar and Katrina Kaif. He also danced and sang with Salman and his family on the stage. A source told us that Aamir used the opportunity to promote his film PK.
It is said that Aamir showed the promo of his upcoming film PK to everyone whom he met at the wedding. He asked their opinions about the film and also asked them to give him their reviews about the film.
Aamir is clever enough to utilize the opportunity to his advantage as most esteemed people of the industry were present at the wedding and their opinion matters a lot.

Mika and Kat will Perform at Arpita’s Wedding

Katrina-Kaif--Mika-SinghIt is known to everyone that Katrina Kaif will be attending Salman’s sissies Arpita’s wedding. And now it is said Katrina will also perform at the wedding. Katrina and Salman broke up for quite a long time but Kat is still very close to the Khan family and especially to Arpita. So, it is not surprising to know that Kat will be present at the function. Along with Kat, Mika Sing will also give a splendid performance at the wedding. The controversial singer was especially and personally invited by Salman and his brother Sohail Khan. Mika tweeted,“I have already done so many performances this month..But tonight is going to be special with family! My best wishes to dear #Arpita #Aayush.”
The wedding function in Hyderabad will also be attended by David Dhawan, Kabir Khan and his wife Mini Mathur. Priyanka will also be present at the function with her mother Madhu Chopra. This is not the end of the star guest list, Shah Rukh Khan and Aamir Khan will also show up the ceremony. It will be interesting to see the star studded wedding.