Hilary Duff Grinning In West Hollywood

Hilary-Duff-Grinning-In-West-HollywoodThe “Lizzie McGuire” lady Hilary Duff, who is on the verge of a massive career comeback, was grinning from ear-to-ear on Monday afternoon July 28 in West Hollywood.
She was strolling on a street and rocking in a muscle tank with skinny jeans, black boots and a red Louis Vuitton handbag.
Hilary dropped her latest single “Chasing the Sun,” her first major musical release in seven years.

Farrah Slams Jenelle for Second Child! Jenelle countered Back

Farrah-Slams-Jenelle-for-SeJenelle Evans never knew that Farrah Abraham is hooking up with Jealous.!.

Recently Farrah totally slammed fellow ‘Teen Mom’ Jenelle Evans for having a second child. Jenne took it ashamed and countered back on Farrah in heat. She fired with pretty choice words!
Jenelle tweeted like this:
You have to admit — Jenelle kiiiind of has a point, here. Say what you want about Jenelle and her past mistakes — and yes, there were many, and she has been open about them – but she seems to have course-corrected and is now living a happy life with boyfriend Nathan Griffith, newborn Kaiser, and four year old Jace.

Pamela Anderson’s Heartaches: Second DIVORCE Painful!

Pamela Anderson’s Heartaches: Second DIVORCE Painful!Divorce is not an easy thing; of course it’s painful for Pamela Anderson too. But it’s not in the case of First. It’s of her Second Divorce! She feels so tough to bear the pain when she got divorce second time from Rick Salomon.

After filing for divorce Pamela posted a lengthy and emotional poem on FB. She explained all her heartache emotional feelings. To quote some important wordingsf from her Bizarre Poetry are:
“I love being in love– but expectations,
make it impossible to be happy-
or satisfied…
I’ve tried… so hard..
maybe it’s not in fashion–
Tradition…just seemed so romantic…,
I guess it’s a used up ideal –
for the old fashion…
not modern..”

Jennifer with “Sexy Silhouette” Rocks Versace Atelier Show

Jennifer-with-'Sexy-SilhoueJennifer Lopez fans says that they really feel shock and unbelievable. It’s the matter of Lopez age now is 44 years old, fans says that’s impossible right?!

Lopez looks good in nearly everything, but it seems like Versace just always fits her so well!
Superb beauty, babyfaced self at the Atelier Versace Haute Couture show during Paris Fashion Week, and her ensem was extra ordinary !.

Her outfit was half dress, half pants, because of course it was!
And the single pant leg was covered in sequins!
White strappy heels, a matching clutch, and silver jewelry finished off the flawless look.

In a white, strapless gown, J. Lo served the crowd an eye-full of leg, as well as some jaw-dropping curves!

Jennifer And Marc Divorced

Jennifer-And-Marc-DivorcedThe “waiting for tonite ” fame Jennifer Lopez and the “I need to know ” fame Marc Anthony moved on from each other quiet some time back, but their divorce was not finalized until Monday. They have also worked out on the custody of their children Max and Emme. According to reports, Marc got the custody of the twins for 7 days per month and the rest of the time Lopez. J Lo who si legally single now stated “You know I have always believed in that institution(marriage). I believe in it but its difficult. I’ve had my challenges, but at the same time I believe in love, and I think that is the main thing ”.

J Lo Shows Off Her Toned Body

J-Lo-Shows-Off-Her-Toned-BoJennifer Lopez showed up at “The tonight show starring Jimmy Fallon” last night in tight pants. Jennifer Lopez has always flaunted her toned up body and that’s what she did that night. Jennifer Lopez was dressed in white snug trouser and green long sleeve sweater with white shoes. She also wore a silly wig while posing for a sketch with Jimmy Fallon.
Fallon started the song “Everybody is talking about my tight pants , I got my tight pants on….” To which J Lo replied “I’m the only chick wearing tight pants…the tightest ones in the whole land”. He then challenged by saying “Slow down there young lady friend..” but J Lo wasn’t going to stop. She said “Listen up little b***ch, you better hide your wife, you better hide your kids because I will cut you”.