“Big Brother ” Breaks Rules Twice

ig-Brother--Breaks-Rules-TwThe show “Big Brother” has already broken the rule of “no outside communication ” twice this season. First it was for Frankie Grande and then for Derrick Lavasseur. Frankie Grande lost his grandfather while he was in the “Big Brother” house. Same loss also happened for Derrick Lavasseur as well. This season of ‘Big Brother’ has turned out to be shocking season. It was a show’s producers note from which Frankie found out about the death of his beloved grandfather on July 23rd. Derrick received similar news during the July 26th episode. After the shocking news, Derrick spoke to Frankie but did not leave the “Big Brother” house as he wasn’t attached and close to his family. The contestants are kept out of communication from the outside world with no TV, phone or internet.