Bill Cosby Sarcastic on his Accusers


Bill Cosby’s sexual assault allegations are known to everyone but Bill is not the man who shuts up and sits down. The ‘Fat Albert’ comedian was performing at Budweiser Gardens in Ontario, Canada on Thursday night. During the show he joked about the claims which say that he made girls to get drunk and also drugged them before he could rape them.
After this a woman from the audience got up and started to walk out. To this Bill asked where she was going then the woman replied that she was going to get a drink and also asked him if he wants one. To this Bill pointed to his bottle and said, “You have to be careful about drinking around me.” He said this sarcastically pointing to the people who accused him.
Then a man stood up and shouted, “You’re a rapist.” The crowd got angry over him and he was taken out of the venue by guards.


Roseanne Corrected her Tweet about Bill Cosby

RoseanneIt seems that targeting Bill Cosby has become very easy these days. As an example, earlier this week he recently became the target of a not so good tweet from Roseanne Barr.
Roseanne Barr is a 62-year-old comedienne. She posted a photo of herself on twitter in which she was looking good and captioned it as ‘tussle w bill cosby..U should see mfer.’
After sometime Roseanne thought of making her tweet a little better. So, she added another tweet which said, “Got a chemical peel to look more sexier. Joked about tussling cosby.”
When earlier Barr was asked about the whole Cosby sexual assault, she said, “I don’t wanna get sued or have (Cosby) send anyone to beat me up, but I think it’s obvious: 13 to 1.”

Bill Cosby will Continue as the Trustee at the Temple University

Bill-CosbyIt is known to everyone that Bill Cosby has been in trouble for very long but the legendary comedian still holds a position of trustee at Temple University. If we go by the Philadelphia school then Bill will continue to occupy the position as he has been appointed as a trustee in the 1982.
The ‘Cosby show’ star who is 77 now often speaks at the Temple University commencement ceremonies being an old alumnus of the University.
Bill is never been trapped by law in spite of many claims of sexual assault for the past years.