It’s Angelina Jolie’s 40’ Birthday Today!

Angelina-Jolie'Angelina Jolie celebrates her 40’ birthday today and the superstar who was touted to be the Sexiest Women Alive has a major milestone in her life which includes her professional success and her charitable and humanitarian causes. Angelina had won Academy, Golden Globe and Screen Actors guild awards and is considered to be one of the highest paid actresses in Hollywood.

She is married to Brad Pitt and has three children, apart from having adopted several others across the world and giving them her care and family status. She was also in the news for her humanitarian work against child trafficking, refuge rehabilitation and women rights, and is considered one of the most influential people in Hollywood across the world, apart from being a Special envoy for UN.
Angelina Jolie was last seen in the hit film Maleficent in 2014 and her upcoming film is By the Sea, which has been written and directed by her.

Kevin Jonas Celebrates First Bday of his Daughter

Kevin-JonasIt’s been a wonderful first year of fatherhood for Kevin Jonas who celebrated little Alena Rose’s first birthday this past weekend along with his wife Danielle.

The “Burnin Up” hunk said in an interview that, “She’s walking- that’s new! It’s pretty crazy. It was two weeks ago. She started stumbling a little bit, and now she’s a pro. We hardly see her crawl. She gets up on her own without holding on to anything. It just happened overnight! Everybody would say to me, ‘It’s going to go so fast,’ and I used to hate that. It’s really true.”
Kevin further added, “There is a learning curve for sure. You start out not knowing anything and by the end of it you come out as experts in your own way. She’s unbelievable, she really is — we couldn’t have done better.”

Cheryl Cole and Jean-Bernard enjoying newlywed life

Cheryl-Cole-and-Jean-BernarCheryl Cole and Jean-Bernard Fernandez Versini who are enjoying the newlywed life took a relaxing vacation in Provence, France over the weekend.
Jean celebrated his birthday with his new wife and took time to introduce her to his family. The darling couple kept it simple in casual attire.
According to the reports, there’s been a heated battle going on between Cheryl and her former X-Factor co-judge Simon Cowell. When Simon made some pretty nasty comments about Cheryl’s weight, she was quick to fire back.
She told to the reporter that, “I heard this rumor and I think a gentleman should never speak about a woman’s age or weight but that’s only if you’re educated on how to treat a woman”.
She further added, “So, unlucky for him. And who listens to Simon Cowell these days anyway? Does anybody? I don’t listen to him anymore.”

Justin Bieber Trys To Shake The Shock By Thrill-seeking

Justin-Bieber-Trys-To-ShakeThe “One Less Lonely Girl” singer Justin Bieber who can never sit still has planned a full day of amusement parks soon after returning from Ibiza Spain.
He took his buddy Lil Za and a couple of gorgeous girls to California Adventure followed by a Disneyland excursion, including rides on the Hollywood Tower of Terror and Space Mountain.
It seems that Justin was trying to shake the shock of getting told off by Kate Moss while attending Riccardo Tisci’s birthday bash in Ibiza a few days earlier.

Heidi Klum’s breast covered by Zac Posen

Heidi-Klum's-breast-coveredThe German stunner Heidi Klum who is always a fan of prancing around in her birthday suit decided to share a topless selfie via Instagram on Thursday July 31.
She smiled for the pic while her fashion designer friend Zac Posen covered her breast with his hand and instantly became the envy of millions of men.
She posted her pic with caption, “I need something to wear for tonight’s @projectrunway @lifetimetv.”
Previously she told to the reporter that, “You will be surprised when you hear that my mom takes most of the [topless] photos. I’m European. I don’t like wearing tops. And I don’t like tan lines.”

Sandra Bullock Celebrates B’day With Friends

Sandra-Bullock-Celebrates-B’day-With-FriendsThe “Gravity” gal Sandra Bullock who has an impressive collection of accolades with plenty of hit movies turns 50 on Saturday.
When it comes to decide on a location for her birthday she opted for a trip to Wyoming.
The actress kicked off her birthday festivities on Thursday with a group of girlfriends at the Million Dollar Cowboy Bar in Jackson Hole and it looks like they all had a blast.
According to an onlooker said that, “They said they kept it [quiet] because she sometimes likes to just act like a normal person. They came out and danced and took a bunch of pictures.”
Chelsea Handler posted some of those photos, included a pink thong and a full moon, along with the caption, “Birthday girls.”

Lil’ Kim’s Poetry on her Daughter goes Crazy!

Lil'-Kim's-Poetry-on-her-DaIt’s the time for Lil’ Kim to celebrate on. Over her 40th birthday she got a thrilling
gift. It seems so ultimate for her than anything else.

She recently posted a photo of her newborn baby girl Royal Reign, sounds
amazing right?.

Not just posted the photo, Lil’ Kim posted this celebratory caption too:

“Thank U to all my fans #TeamLilKim #KillerBees #Beehive & friends for the Birthday love. I Love U guys so much and we will be together soon again. On my Birthday I want to share something special with U all…. The greatest gift I have ever received. My princess, Royal !!!!! This is her first picture on the day she was born. It was life changing and I want to share a small piece of my pride and joy with U on my special day today!!! Love U 🙂