It’s Angelina Jolie’s 40’ Birthday Today!

Angelina-Jolie'Angelina Jolie celebrates her 40’ birthday today and the superstar who was touted to be the Sexiest Women Alive has a major milestone in her life which includes her professional success and her charitable and humanitarian causes. Angelina had won Academy, Golden Globe and Screen Actors guild awards and is considered to be one of the highest paid actresses in Hollywood.

She is married to Brad Pitt and has three children, apart from having adopted several others across the world and giving them her care and family status. She was also in the news for her humanitarian work against child trafficking, refuge rehabilitation and women rights, and is considered one of the most influential people in Hollywood across the world, apart from being a Special envoy for UN.
Angelina Jolie was last seen in the hit film Maleficent in 2014 and her upcoming film is By the Sea, which has been written and directed by her.

No ‘love Triangle’ Between Jennifer Aniston, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie

Jennifer-AnistonJennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt parted their ways ten years ago but still Jennifer avoids facing Angelina Jolie.
In an interview with the New York Times, the ‘Friends’ actress said that while the media spreads rumors about their supposed ‘love triangle’, she feels that the whole thing is irritating. She said, “It’s ridiculous—that the two names have to go into the same sentence and there has to be a compare-and-despair thing.”
These days Jennifer is getting ready for her own wedding as her fiancé Justin Theroux proposed her for marriage. She said, “It’s a rock, I know. He rocked it up. It took me a while to get used to it. I’m not a diamond girl. I’m more Indian jewelry and stuff.”

Brangelina were Married Before their French Wedding Ceremony

Brad-Pitt-and-Angelina-JoliBrad Pitt and Angelina Jolie married each other last August after dating for nine long years. They say that they were already married before their wedding in the South France.
The ‘Changeling’ starlet said to Corrieredella Sara, “Before the wedding in France with the kids, Brad and I were already married in California. As Americans, we couldn’t marry legally in France.”
She added, “One day I said to Brad, ‘Let’s meet up at 4:30 pm?’ I called a justice of the peace and we signed the documents.”
They organized a very close and intimate ceremony in which they involved their kids. The function was held at their Chateau Miraval home. Angelina is very happy about her married life. She said, “It’s been an amazing year. I married my love. My son [Maddox] became a teenager. And, I got to bring [Unbroken] to the world.”

Why Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt will Fly to Italy?

Angelina-Jolie--Brad-PittAngelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are so successful and famous that they can travel anywhere in the world. And now it is updated that they will make a trip to Italy. According to US Weekly, Brangelina will fly to Rome to meet the pope. They are all ready to have a ‘VIP meet-and –greet’ with the leader of the Catholic Church in coming weeks.

Pitt and Jolie say about themselves that they are non-religious but one of their friend old that they ‘admire the Pope’ and ‘like the Pope’s message’. It seems that they will have a lifetime remembering experience meeting with the Pope.

Jennifer Aniston is Now More Strong

Jennifer-AnistonJennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt broke up in 2005 and at that time they were the lead in all the headlines but now the ‘Friends’ starlet says that she has moved on both emotionally and relationally.
In an interview with CBS Sunday Morning, Jennifer made it clear that although the break up was an important event in her life but she managed to stay strong. She said, ““I don’t find it painful. I think it’s a narrative that follows you because it’s an interesting headline. It’s more of a media-driven topic.”
She also says that now she and Brad Pitt are on good terms, “We’ve exchanged good wishes an all that sort of stuff to each other, but it’s not a constant thing.” And Aniston couldn’t be happier with fiancé Justin Theroux. “We know what our truth is, and [the rumors are] all just static.”

Brad Pitt in a Jolly Mood at the Awards

Brad-PittBrad Pitt loves to indulge in different types of things. On Saturday (January 3), the actor showed up at the Palm Spring Convention Centre dressed in a suit and tie.
Brad Pitt was present at the convention Centre to give away the Breakthrough Performance Award to David Oyelowo. The occasion was the 26th Annual Palm Springs International Film Festival awards Gala. Brad Pitt was in a very jolly mood and he helped the audience pronounce David’s last name.
He explained the audiences, “My job tonight is to help you. In situations like this, I find that it sometimes helps to sing it… Oh yell, oh yellow-whoa! Oh yell, oh whoa!”

Brangelina Getting Married At Their Family Home

Brangelina-Getting-Married-At-Their-Family-HomeThe ‘Troy’ guy Brad Pitt who arrived at Marseille Airport in France earlier this week July 17.
The actor was spotted donning a tan suit and a cartoon tee featuring drawings of him with wife Angelina Jolie.
Sources believe that he could be checking out the renovations of his family’s estate, Chateau Miraval.
According to the reports Angie and Brad want to marry sometime within the next year on the property. A source said that, “Brangelina wants to have a quiet, meaningful celebration of their love at their future family home. They’ll be spending much more time there once it’s finished and will summer in France and winter in L.A., putting down roots and making memories as a family.”