Kelly Osbourne Declared She too is Susceptible for Breast Cancer

Kelly-OsbourneMedical sciences have reached so much advancement that it has a cure for almost everything. Kelly Osbourne recently got to know that she is on risk for breast cancer.

When the former ‘Fashion Police’ starlet was discussing to ‘The Talk’ about Angelina Jolie’s surgical removal of ovaries and fallopian tube, she said that she also had BRCA1 gene mutation.

Kelly said, “I actually do have the cancer gene. My mom made all of us go and get tested after she found out that she had it and got her double mastectomy. I have been the child of a cancer survivor, so being on that end of it as well, it is really, really hard to deal with. It’s something I praise Angelina for, because now people are going to go out on get tested.”