Bruce Jenner is Now Caitlyn Jenner, but Olympic Medal is in Danger!

Caitlyn-JennerAfter a successful gender reassignment, the Keeping with the Kardashians star Bruce Jenner is now Caitlyn Jenner and she did post a few stunning images of her. This went quite viral with the Kardashian fans across the globe, but did have criticism from likes of Snoop Dogg, who called the buzz an unnecessary highlight by the media against real issues at this time.

However, Caitlyn is in trouble as she is to be inquired against for being stripped of her Olympic medal in the decathlon event, as she was then William Bruce Jenner and did compete against men, while she admitted being a woman afterwards. This is due to a petition in, which went quite viral across the internet, and the international Olympics committee might soon take notice of it.