Beyonce and Jay-Z says No Divorce!

Beyonce-and-Jay-Z-says-No-DHot and heavy in the middle of their joint On The Run tour, Beyonce and Jay-Z want to prove something.

They would like to send a strong message that their relation is strong enough leaving no chance to break up and Divorce!

Beyonce and Jay-Z were captured in various images gazing lovingly into each others eyes. Perhaps they are shooting down all those pesky cheating rumors surrounding their wedding.

They are going to marriage rehabilitation center to settle the misunderstandings! The couple are consulting psychotherapist for a better relation.


Kim Kardashian Never satisfied with One Man!

Kim-Kardashian-Never--satisKim Kardashian changed 9 boys upto now. She became so popular with intercourse on camera with the Ex Boy Nick Cannon. She is mastered the celebrity gossip name. Kardashian known for changing boy friends just like that!
In the spring of 2011, she got engaged to basketball player Kris Humphries, an agreement that should net each millions. She is the Ex girlfriend of Nick Cannon, Reggie Bush and Ray J.
After her intercourse video Kim stars in keeping Up with the Kardashians. This ridiculous reality show has been on for multiple seasons and is centered around Kim and her attention-starved family, which includes former Olympian Bruce Jenner and an assortment of sisters with first names that begin with the letter K.
Kim Kardashian simply like to appear at clubs. She appeared on season seven of Dancing with the Stars, partnered with Mark Ballas… and didn’t do very well. In late 2010, this large-breasted professional celebrity moved to New York and started filming a reality show there with Kourtney. She also Tweets a lot and he married Kris Humphries in August 2011.
They got divorced 72 days later, leading – finally! – to some major Kim backlash.

Michelle Rodriguez Spotted “KISSING” with new BF

Michelle-Rodriguez-Spotted-Changing gears is not new thing for celebrities. Now it’s the turn of Michelle Rodriguez who was in deep date with Cara Delevingue.

Now Michelle said goodbye to Delevingue and happily found a new boy. It it seems like she’s playing for the other team!

35-year-old actor was spotted KISSING Zac Efron multiple times while out on their Sardinia vacay!
And Zac, being the darling that he is, lovingly covered her up, and kept touching her head.
Sounds kinky!

Here the question is are they in date now, or just doing like that.

Kelly Rowland Expecting

ImageKelly Rowland has posted a picture of her husband’s sport shoes with a similar baby pair with a caption  “I’ll be stuntin like my daddy….”   indicating a good news, on Instagram.  Her pregnancy was also confirmed on
Rumors of her pregnancy had already sparked when she was found shopping, last month, at an upmarket baby store with her manager husband, Tim.  Rumors were further fuelled in Oklahoma, when she performed in a baggy outfit at the Rhythm on the River festival.
Kelly had married Tim in an intimate ceremony in Costa Rica a month ago.