Leah Messer Heads to a 30 Day Rehab for Depression and Stress

Leah-MesserLeah Messer, one of the four stars of Teen Mom2 is now reportedly heading to a 30 day rehabilitation program so that she can get through the current period of stress and depression that she is undergoing, at a time when the 6’ season is to start from July.

She has been suffering for her drug abuse rumors and seems to have issues with her ex-husband Corey Simms, as well as her current husband Jeremy Calvert, with whom Leah might split in the near future.

Leah 23, has twin daughters from her first marriage and a daughter Addie with Jeremy.

The star would be out of rehab by end of June, just when the new series moves to start on July 9’. Watch Teen Mom 2 to know more from the star herself.