Fetes Family Christmas In SoCal: LeAnn Rimes

LeAnn-RimesLeAnn Rimes was happy to return to her enthralling husband Eddie Cibrian and stepsons Mason and Jake earlier this week.

Regarding her family Christmas fun “Can’t Fight the Moonlight” she shared in twitter and instagram Instagram pages to share photos and messages with her fans. LeAnn posted a photo with her crew in front of their Christmas tree along with the caption “We saw Santa!! #familynightout #dec23 I’m an old fashioned candy cane in your romper! Love it #happiness.”

LeAnn tweeted, “Came home to a beautiful fire, candles lit, Christmas music playing & a big sign on the door that read ‘Excited’ #ilovehim #hubby” On December 21.

LeAnn Rimes Misses Flight

LeAnn-RimesOn Sunday afternoon LeAnn Rimes flew into LAX International Airport as gearing up with holidays. Sporting a festive red plaid jacket, the “How Do I Live” singer hid behind a pair of sunglasses as she whipped past a swarm of shutterbugs and headed home.

“Practicing acceptance #missedflight our bags made it but we didn’t. That’s what happens when you are all organized but the universe isn’t,” she twitted that she missed flight earlier.
Recently On the other hand, LeAnn’s nemesis Brandi Glanville said “Watch What Happens Live” that when she was married to Rimes’ husband Eddie Cibrian, things were hot in the bedroom. “He’s very well hung. He’s good at what he does, for sure. He’s had a lot of practice.”