Video Autoplay Option in Twitter

TwitterMicro blogging site Twitter has come up with a new feature to autoplay the videos. This will enable to load and play the videos automatically. This is already an existing feature in facebook. But this may not be an excitement for ad-unfriendly users. The main drawback for this option is that it will consume users’ data plans and battery life. However, there is an option to disable or limit the autoplay feature. Hope this will be an excitement for Twitter lovers.

New Feature on Facebook

New-Feature-on-FacebookProminent social networking site Facebook has come up with an interesting feature. Facebook will suggest the topic for updating your status hereafter. It want the users to update their status regularly. If the user doesn’t have any idea about the topic for posting the status, then Facebook will automatically suggest few posts, where the recommendations may vary, depending on the user’s activity in the networking site.

A new option ‘Suggested Topics’ can be seen in the status column in the updated version of Facebook. These topics may include subjects like #LovingDay, #NationalPeanutButterCookieDay and #WorldBikeNakedDay etc. This feature will make it more user friendly.

New App Steals Information in Facebook

New-App-Steals-Information-Everyone have to be very careful while downloading applications in to our personal smart phones. There are few apps which may steal our personal details from our mobile phone. One of such kind is the Facebook ‘Unfriend’ app. This is not an official app of FB. This application can be downloaded free of cost. It gives you a notification when some one unfriend u from the facebook account, but asks for ur username and password.

Experts are warning the users to be aware of such apps. It is better to delete the application and change the passwords.

Facebook to use Encryption for its Email and Notifications

facebookFacebook is now moving towards encrypted communication for account related messages and notifications, as the site is now using PGP (Pretty Good Privacy model based encryption that allows complete security of the transmission.

Users will now require to upload a public digital key that will be used to encrypt and decrypt the communication, and this can be done in the Contact Information section of the About page of the Facebook account.

However, this encryption is optional and only for users who prefer a secure communication and have access to a public key encryption. The rest of the users, unless specifically opted, will continue to get account related messages as usual.

It’s official: All Major Social Networks Must Share Chats with GCHQ

GCHQEver since rumours and associated reports came of social networking sites being forced to share the chat communications with government and security agencies, there has been a lot of disappointment from users who saw it as a threat to their privacy. Though chat records are usually encrypted, law enforcement agencies have asked prominent networks like Google Talk, Facebook etc to sometime share details and chat history.

Now GCHQ (Government Communications Headquarters) of UK has officially announced the planning of a law that requires all social networks and chat communication platforms such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat etc to hand over the chat details to them when required. It’s worried that this new law might soon also be formulated by countries across the globe, as communication between terrorist and illegal elements is also carried out through social networking sites and chat platforms.

Facebook Now Allows GIF Images in Posts

Facebook-Now-Allows-GIF-ImaFacebook’s major design incompatibility was the lack of ability to accept GIF’s within the posts. As per a recent update in Facebook, users can now post GIF’s in their facebook posts without having them to redirect to an external site when the link is opened. These GIF animations would load right inside the post, allowing users to see it play on the same screen. But there’s a catch…the GIF’s should only come from Giphy as only GIF links from GIPHY would play in Facebook. Post this update, GIPHY had a huge traffic causing it to temporarily crash, but it’s up and working now.

All you just need to post the complete GIF link in the post, and watch it play. This would appear in your profile as well as in news feeds of your friends. So, now users can embed whacky GIF’s inside their posts and have better networking.

Shock- An Android Phone Reset Does not Wipe Away Data

AndroidFor all those who have used the factory reset option in Android phones, hoping that it would permanently delete all your personal data, here’s a shocker. Its reported from a study by Cambridge University that using that option does not erase all your data and a part of it, be it SMS’s, email’s, pictures and videos, along with contact information from your social media accounts such as Facebook and Twitter can still be easily retrieved. This gives your personal information to a third party when you have passed on the phone or sold it as used.

This research was undertaken across 21 different smartphones devices across five different manufacturers and between Andriod operating versions 2.3 till 4.3.

The survey also gave the same results even when full encryption was used and at times, even the master token to access Google Apps was available even though a reset was done. This puts about 500 Million Andriod phones at risk and feedback from individual manufactures are awaited.