Google sued for Blocking Privacy App Disconnect from Google Play

GoogleDisconnect was a privacy app available on Android platforms and allowed smartphone to block Ads from accessing their personal data and installing malware through advertizing. This App targeted advertizing services that use invisible tracking and user based preferences in distributing Ads, as well as installing software within the devise that helps that purpose.

The App was removed from Google Play as Google has said that it blocks the right of other Apps to indulge in third-party Ads. The makers have now sued Google for abusing its position as a leading online advertizing provider through Adwords, apart from having control over the Android platform and Google play. This case is one of the two prominent charges against Google in the Europe and is being investigated. Google has always been in criticism for having unfair advantage in search and advertizing, in association with its other product and service offerings.

Cloud Based Google Photo App is Now for IOS Users too

googleAt the recent tech event in 2015, Google announced that its new Photo App would now also be available for iOS users, thereby enabling iPhone or iPad users to get the advantage from the App. The App gives unlimited storage in secure cloud based storage as against storing them locally on your device.

An easy search and GUI makes it still sleek and better to use. The App offers unlimited cloud storage for normal resolution images and has a flexible pricing for high resolution images. Extensive search features include searching for terms which have not been tagged, as well as color based searching. There is also an Assistant feature in the App which creates automatic GIF’s for related images in your account.

Google’s New Light O/S Works for all Future Devices

GoogleGoogle has recently announced plans of developing a new operating system called Brillo that would be lightweight and suited for all devices where a computational memory and application is required. Be it internet connected and intelligent doorknobs, light bulbs, small electronic devices etc, which form the next generation Internet of Things, Google’s Brillo would be compact and fit where Android fails, as it requires at least 512 MB of RAM, whereas Brillo would just need 32 MB of space which is perfect for compact devices.

Google’s Brillo has stiff competition from Microsoft’s IoT (Internet of Things) version of Windows 10 and Apple’s HomeKit. The last time we saw something similar from Google-Andriod@Home, it was scrapped after being announced. Let’s hope that this compact version makes internet realy portable and easily connectable.

Google’s Biggest Bloomer-Search for Nig**r House in Maps Leads to White House


In one of the most shocking and repulsive goof-up’s through Google Maps, a search to the racially offensive term Nig**r House in Google Maps led straight to the White House map. This was confirmed many times by shocked reporters and bloggers online, and it did appear till early 20’ May.

From their part, an official Google’s release has said that inappropriate search result is being fixed quickly and apologized for the inconvenience.

Our readers might recall that we carried a post on the Apple mascot peeing on the iPhone in Map Maker last week, and it seems that Google needs to just check twice on the Map submissions to see that no major offensive gets viral over the internet.

The article is just an actual report and strictly and equivocally condemns racism and has high regard for the Office of the President of the United States.

Bing Joins Google in Penalizing Mobile Un-Friendly Sites

Bing-Joins-GoogleFor all of those having a website or blog of their own, it was recently announced by Google that mobile friendly sites will get a major boost in their rankings as Google is working towards penalizing sites which are not optimized for viewing through mobiles. Now, Bing has also given out a recent update that it would start highlighting mobile friendly sites in its search results-so that users can know that it would be an inconvenience to view them from a mobile device.

Ideally, a mobile friendly site should have easy scrolling, navigation to different pages and easily readable from a mobile screen apart from working on all major mobile platforms and resolutions. Else, viewers have to put-up with barely readable font and extensive side scrolling that makes browsing the site a harrowing experience.

If Google were a person: Embarrassing to Imagine!

If-Google-were-a-personJust imagine that Google were a real person!. He would probably have the world’s most frustrating job. It really sounds funny, but fact is that if the popular search engine compared a human being, really a lot more tough job for him?
Google has to deal with all the crud we type into the search engine and spit out results that match up to our perverted tastes, stoned questions, deepest fears, doddering mistakes all while trying to not to judge us.
Not only that but it has to be ready to burn all our embarrassing evidence and deal with inferior competitors like Siri who don’t understand what the hell we’re saying half the time.
It’s also funny as hell to imagine. College Humor continues their series of imagining a real guy as Google. It’s really embarrassing right?