Leighton Meester is Stunning for Jimmy Choo’s Campaign

Leighton-MeesterThe “Gossip Girl” actress Leighton Meester who always been easy on the eyes is a big hit in her new Spring/Summer 2015 campaign for Jimmy Choo.
She featured in peep-toe heels as well as strappy sandals and a variety of other amazing Choo shoes.
Speaking on her style evolution she said that, “Like anyone, I’ve gone through phases, but the biggest difference is that I’m less concerned with fashion for fashion’s sake. I find that I’m happiest when I’m comfortable in my favorite key items, so I just add or subtract from my tried and true items to create a certain look.”


Blake Lively Thankful to her Mother for Setting an Example

Blake-LivelyBeing parents for the first time is difficult and it takes time to learn the parenthood duties but Blake Lively is lucky to have someone form whom she can learn.

The ‘Gossip Girl’ actress thanked her mother in the new issue of O Magazine. She is in all praise for her mommy to set an example before her. She said, “My mom liked to infuse my life with a lot of magic. When she read my fortune cookies, the predictions were full of princesses and castles and jewels and pirates. When I got old enough to read them, I was shocked to find out how boring they really were!”
Lively gave birth to a baby girl in December last year with husband Ryan Reynolds. She said that she keeps herself busy by creating things she can use, “I’ll knit or cook – or work on a motorcycle, a skill my husband is teaching me. One of my latest projects was painting nature-inspired throw pillows.”

Blake and Ryan Became Parents just Before New Year

Blake-Lively--Ryan-ReynoldsIt appeared that Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds had a great holiday season as the couple welcomed their first baby just before New Year.
The ‘Gossip Girl’ became mother to a baby and the news was not revealed until yesterday (January 5).
A source said to US Weekly, “The baby came early but everyone is happy and healthy. The Bedford house is all prepared. They’re going to stay up there for the baby’s first days.”
In October, Blake had announced her pregnancy on her Preserve website saying, “It’s something that I’ve always wanted ever since I was a little girl.”

Blake Lively Chunks Family Christmas Ethics

Blake-LivelyBlake Lively is months away from her own child and she told that she grew with some pretty fabulous moments with her family. she and her four older siblings always spent Christmas Day in bed with their parents explained by “Gossip Girl”.
“I don’t know how my family tends to… everybody gets in the same bed. Somehow we just spend seven hours a day all together and it’s really nifty to have that time, because it’s rare that we get together for such a nice gob of time.”
“We’re making gingerbread houses, or baking cookies, or sitting around and watching movies all mounded up. We’ll never leave that house.”

Blake is Having a Pretty Easy Pregnancy


Blake Lively is pregnant with her first baby with Ryan Reynolds. Thing are going on smoothly but now it is updated that the couple is already talking about a second baby.
A source said to E! News that Blake and Ryan want less difference in age of their children.
In the words of the source, the ‘Gossip Girl’ starlet and her ‘Van Wilder’ hubby are in full-on baby mode right now and they are excited about their first baby. Blake is experiencing a smooth pregnancy. She is so happy and at ease that she says she would love to become mother gain once she delivers her first child.
“They both have talked a lot about raising the baby out of L.A. and giving their kids a normal childhood. Playing outside, having a puppy, catching lightning bugs… they want their kids to experience all of that.”