What’s up with Nicki Minaj’s Jersey in Feeling Myself Video?

Nicki-MinajNicki Minaj is no stranger to open and subtle controversies and her latest music video with Beyonce (Feeling Myself) has the star wearing a jersey which read “Pervert” and “17”. Fans and media soon started commenting that it could be a surprising reference to rapper Tyga getting close to 17 year old reality television star Kylie Jenner who is a half-sister of the Kardashians.

Seems that with the rivalry between them and Nick took an all time low with Nicki showing her disapproval on Tyga dating a 17 year old minor. Tyga had reportedly expressed his disgust on Nicki commenting on his personal life, and we hear that Kanye West isn’t a happy man either, with his younger sister-in-law being publicly criticized. Keep watching this space as we report this feud as its gets wilder.


Pamela Anderson Strips for PETA

Pamela-AndersonPamela Anderson-a known supporter of Animal Rights, stripped for a campaign by PETA (People for Ethical Treatment for Animals). The campaign was for creating awareness on the amount of water being wasted by meat and dairy farms and urged viewers to go vegan if they really wanted to make a difference, and just not go slow on using water in their shower baths.

The poster says that meat and dairy farms use about 1/3 of the world’s water supplies and this image has Pamela naked in a pose that is similar to one in the movie Psycho by the king of horror films Alfred Hitchcock.

Pamela had also recently written to the Kerala State Government in India for banning the use of elephants in a very popular religious procession, though her views were not considered and she had a heavy outrage against her in social media.

Biggs Criticizes Celebrity Oversharing

Biggs-Criticizes-Celebrity-Jason Biggs, the “American Pie” hunk was on “Good Morning America “ for an interview on “Chealsea Lately” and he could not stop but eulogize about his wife Jenny Mollen, who recently gave birth to his son Sid. A lot of pictures and updates by Biggs, on twitter and Instagram have been slamed by media and fans. He found it ridiculous that people dedicated any amount of time on celebrity oversharing. He said “…
act that they can have experts? What makes you an expert on oversharing by the way? What do you do get a degree? A PhD in f*cking oversharing? What do you do? It’s the stupidest thing. ”

Susan Sarandon and Geena Davis create nostalgia

Susan-Sarandon--and-Geena-DSusan Sarandon and Geena Davis of the “Thelma and Louise” fame of yester years, lit up the big screen with their iconic “selfie” scene from the 1991 classic “Thelma and Louise”. The fans were delighted with the selfie. The 67 year old tweeted “ Inventors of the selfie at it again # Thelma and Louise”, about the snapshot. Susan also shared a photo of the pair from the film and its surprising that they have not aged at all.

Neymar Not To Be Trusted

Neymar-Not-To-Be-TrustedAccording to Maradona, the 22 year old Neymar has not been upto the expectations in the world cup so far. Brazil’s poster boy scored 2 goals against Croatia in the 3-1 win, in the opening match against Mexico. Maradona told TOI that “Neymar, with a new hairstyle, failed to live up to his billing [against Mexico]. He is the hope for Brazil to win the ’hexa’ [their sixth World Cup title]. But Brazil have not been that convincing and they are depending too much on Neymar.” This statement was made after a the second goalless draw of the tournament. To the second round, Brazil needed a win which did not come due to a number of defenders in Mexico team.

Nfl’s Player Aaron Rodgers In A Happy Relationship

Nfl's-Player-Aaron-Rodgers-Although Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers has been quite private about his private life for quite sometime now, but now he seems to be in the gossip sites. It was rumoured that he was dating Olivia Munn, of “The Newsroom” fame. The gossip was confirmed by the photograph published in the US weekly, which showed them kissing.
The NFL’s most famous player dating the beautiful actress Olivia Munn, said in an interview that “For one, I’m real happy in my relationship,” .He also said that initially he did not sign up for fame and was only interested in playing football. But as he signed his first commercial with Justin Timberlake, he could do nothing about it. He said “….there’s some things you just cannot control, and that’s one of them.””

Kelly Rowland Expecting

ImageKelly Rowland has posted a picture of her husband’s sport shoes with a similar baby pair with a caption  “I’ll be stuntin like my daddy….”   indicating a good news, on Instagram.  Her pregnancy was also confirmed on PEOPLE.com.
Rumors of her pregnancy had already sparked when she was found shopping, last month, at an upmarket baby store with her manager husband, Tim.  Rumors were further fuelled in Oklahoma, when she performed in a baggy outfit at the Rhythm on the River festival.
Kelly had married Tim in an intimate ceremony in Costa Rica a month ago.