Apple Developed Application to Switch From Android to IOS


Apple has developed an application which facilitates to switch the user from android to IOS. This application has the wireless transfer mechanism. The main feature of this application is to transfer user’s contacts, images, videos, notes, mails etc. This app also has an additional feature which will suggest to download the applications that are installed previously in the android phone.

Apple also provided the facility to recycle the previous/ old android in any Apple stores at free of cost.

Cloud Based Google Photo App is Now for IOS Users too

googleAt the recent tech event in 2015, Google announced that its new Photo App would now also be available for iOS users, thereby enabling iPhone or iPad users to get the advantage from the App. The App gives unlimited storage in secure cloud based storage as against storing them locally on your device.

An easy search and GUI makes it still sleek and better to use. The App offers unlimited cloud storage for normal resolution images and has a flexible pricing for high resolution images. Extensive search features include searching for terms which have not been tagged, as well as color based searching. There is also an Assistant feature in the App which creates automatic GIF’s for related images in your account.

Iphone 6 To Be A Costly Affair

iphone-6 If rumors are to be believed, tech giant Apple is aiming to eliminate the current headphone jack on the iPhone. If Apple goes ahead with this plan then all the existing headphones would render useless. Ever since the first Walkman was introduced by Sony in 1979 a standard size 3.5mm jack has been used. This move to eliminate the current headphone jack on iPhone 6 will disappoint many customers who are still getting accustomed to the iPhone5. Customers were already upset when then 30 pin input was replaced by a much smaller lightning connector. With this, the expensive chargers, speakers and docking stations suddenly became unusable.
But sources say that this decision has been taken to accommodate a larger battery which can give a better resolution camera and better processing power. As per rumours, the phone will be launched on September, 19th, 2014.