iPhone will Track Sex Life Here After


Apple is gearing up to launch its new operating system IOS 9 at the end of this year. This new OS will have the feature to track the sexual activity of its users. This assessment will be done by an application ‘Apple’s Healthkit tool’  which will have a track on health and fitness. This app will figure out the fitness details like heart beat, cholesterol, Callories, sugar levels etc. Even women can track their basal body temperature and cervical mucus quality which are linked to fertility cycles and ovulation.

This new feature of Apple will be an important medium to all it users to have a track on their health and fitness regularly.

Skype Crashes with a Simple Misplaced Colon Symbol

SkypeSkype had a new vulnerability across iPhone, Windows and Android phones where a single colon symbol (:) insertion at the end of “http://” used to begin a web address causes the application to crash.

In case “http://:” is instead sent in any message by mistake, it would cause the application to crash even after being reloaded, and this can be rectified by asking the sender to remove it from their messages, or asking additional messages to be sent so that that message gets automatically pushed to the archive.

Skype is aware of this problem and has issued an update for the error.

Google’s Biggest Bloomer-Search for Nig**r House in Maps Leads to White House


In one of the most shocking and repulsive goof-up’s through Google Maps, a search to the racially offensive term Nig**r House in Google Maps led straight to the White House map. This was confirmed many times by shocked reporters and bloggers online, and it did appear till early 20’ May.

From their part, an official Google’s release has said that inappropriate search result is being fixed quickly and apologized for the inconvenience.

Our readers might recall that we carried a post on the Apple mascot peeing on the iPhone in Map Maker last week, and it seems that Google needs to just check twice on the Map submissions to see that no major offensive gets viral over the internet.

The article is just an actual report and strictly and equivocally condemns racism and has high regard for the Office of the President of the United States.

Its Official-Periscope Stores and Uses Your Deleted Videos


Just when you thought that your private videos in Periscope could be deleted so that they no longer be a part of your account, Periscope has said that videos once uploaded are considered the property of Periscope and that it was free to use/distribute/copy/store them in any manner it deemed fit. This is a part of the terms and conditions that users have to accept before creating an account. This fact has been confirmed by the CEO of the company himself.

Periscope is a hugely popular video sharing platform and has been acquired by Twitter recently. Sometimes used to uploaded copyrighted and pornographic content, iPhone and iPad users of the service can view such broadcasted content from their device. Its time readers and users of online social media and media sharing sites read the fine print in the terms and conditions before opting to sign-up, as a regret isn’t just going to help protect their privacy.

Your Apple Watch is not Secure, Could be Stolen and Reset


The Apple Watch has been shown to be easily reset-meaning that it can be stolen and easily reset to factory settings thereby enabling it to be used by others. This is against what the iPhone and other smart devices have-a Kill Switch that makes the phone useless when it’s stolen. However, Apple Watch does not have any such security features or a traceable GPS, making it easy for it to be stolen and then resold for usage. It’s also reported that the Apple Pay feature on the watch is touch sensitive and the unused screen locks when the watch is removed from the wrist for a single second. However, with fingers underside the watch creating the touch that the devices senses, it’s quite possible to remove it from a wrist and use the Apple Pay screen which would still be active-so that no passcode isneeded. Maybe it’s time Apple needs to rethink on its security features, while readers can possibly flaunt it carefully meanwhile.

Ashley Relaxing with Shopping Therapy

Ashley-TisdaleAshley Tisdale gave herself a day off and went out for shopping on Thursday afternoon, march 12.
The ‘High School Musical’ starlet was in good spirits as she walked the lanes busy with her iPhone. She looked gorgeous carrying her $5,000 Givenchy handbag and wearing distressed jeans along with grey fedora hat with sunglasses.
If we talk about the happenings in her career, Ashley will be paired with ‘Cheers’ star George Wendt in the forthcoming workplace comedy titles as ‘Buzzy’s’ which will be aired on the TBS Network. The show is weaved around the story of a group of people who don’t know each other and now started to work together in Charlestown, Massachusetts barbershop.

Iphone 6 To Be A Costly Affair

iphone-6 If rumors are to be believed, tech giant Apple is aiming to eliminate the current headphone jack on the iPhone. If Apple goes ahead with this plan then all the existing headphones would render useless. Ever since the first Walkman was introduced by Sony in 1979 a standard size 3.5mm jack has been used. This move to eliminate the current headphone jack on iPhone 6 will disappoint many customers who are still getting accustomed to the iPhone5. Customers were already upset when then 30 pin input was replaced by a much smaller lightning connector. With this, the expensive chargers, speakers and docking stations suddenly became unusable.
But sources say that this decision has been taken to accommodate a larger battery which can give a better resolution camera and better processing power. As per rumours, the phone will be launched on September, 19th, 2014.