Margot Robbie Rocks at the Oscars 2015

Margot-RobbieMargot Robbie is in full mode to flaunt her beauty and as always she looked gorgeous as she showed up at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood to attend the Oscars 2015 on Sunday, February 22.
The 24-year-old Australian actress was dressed up in a black, cleavage-baring Yves Saint Laurent dress. Margot posed sexily for the photographers on the red carpet before she moved in to attend the 87th Academy Awards.
Oscars 2015 this time will be hosted by Neil Patrick Harris. The celebrity presenters at the event include Jennifer Aniston, Mathew McConaughey, Nicole Kidman, Chris Pane and Margot Robbie.
The Oscars are the most awaited award function night of the year as it honors the best in cinema. At the event live performances will be given by Lady Gaga, Jennifer Hudson, Anna Kedrick and Jack Black.


Jennifer Aniston Enjoys at ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’

Jennifer-AnistonJennifer Aniston had a nice time on ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’ on Monday, January 19. The ‘Cake’ starlet was questioned about her getting shut out of the Oscars. But still Jennifer found an optimistic way to deal with it. She said, “Yeah, I’m the number one snubbed. That’s the silver lining.”
She was also asked about her topless photo with her longtime friend/hairdresser, which was published in the cover story for the Allure magazine. She said, “He’s like a brother… It’s different. I wouldn’t do that with a girlfriend. I would feel weird doing a photograph like that with a girlfriend.”
To this DeGeneres said, “What are you talking about? The shoot we did was amazing.” As she said a fake topless photo appeared on the screen. Check out the clip yourself.

No ‘love Triangle’ Between Jennifer Aniston, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie

Jennifer-AnistonJennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt parted their ways ten years ago but still Jennifer avoids facing Angelina Jolie.
In an interview with the New York Times, the ‘Friends’ actress said that while the media spreads rumors about their supposed ‘love triangle’, she feels that the whole thing is irritating. She said, “It’s ridiculous—that the two names have to go into the same sentence and there has to be a compare-and-despair thing.”
These days Jennifer is getting ready for her own wedding as her fiancé Justin Theroux proposed her for marriage. She said, “It’s a rock, I know. He rocked it up. It took me a while to get used to it. I’m not a diamond girl. I’m more Indian jewelry and stuff.”

Jennifer Attends Brunch Hosted by Ariana Huffington

Ariana-HuffingtonJennifer Aniston is these days busy promoting her upcoming film ‘Cake’. She attended a brunch organized by Arianna Huffington in Los Angeles on Tuesday (January 6).
The ‘Rumor Has It’ starlet was looking very beautiful while she attended the brunch along with her fiancé Justin Theroux and friends Chelsea Handler and Lisa Kudrow.
In a current interview with the InStyle magazine, Aniston told about her plan of marrying Justin in a simple way. She said, “There’s a big discussion in our house right now: Do you just do it and say screw it? Or do you try desperately to get away with [a secret ceremony] where you don’t have any fun because you’re hiding in a cave somewhere? If we could do it without all the buzzing and the noise… It can be done. When there’s a will, there’s a way.”

Jennifer Aniston is Now More Strong

Jennifer-AnistonJennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt broke up in 2005 and at that time they were the lead in all the headlines but now the ‘Friends’ starlet says that she has moved on both emotionally and relationally.
In an interview with CBS Sunday Morning, Jennifer made it clear that although the break up was an important event in her life but she managed to stay strong. She said, ““I don’t find it painful. I think it’s a narrative that follows you because it’s an interesting headline. It’s more of a media-driven topic.”
She also says that now she and Brad Pitt are on good terms, “We’ve exchanged good wishes an all that sort of stuff to each other, but it’s not a constant thing.” And Aniston couldn’t be happier with fiancé Justin Theroux. “We know what our truth is, and [the rumors are] all just static.”

Emily Blunt and John wrapped up Holidays

Emily-BluntEmily Blunt and John Krasinski were spending their holidays in Mexico along with Jennifer Aniston, Justin Theroux, Jimmy Kimmel and Howard Stern. On Thursday (January 1), the couple finished off their holidays and flied back to Los Angeles. They both were spotted at the LAX International Airport and were looking quite refreshing after enjoying their holidays together.
The ‘Adjustment Bureau’ starlet said to press that she is not offered the role of Captain Marvel in the upcoming film because she denied two Marvel roles in the past.
In her words, “No one’s offered me that officially so it’s very unofficial. I think it’s fan-casting, which is always very nice. But nothing official has been offered, for sure. If I get it, thank Meryl [Streep] for it!”
About the reports which say that she was offered the roles of Black Widow and Peggy Carter, Emily answered, “Yeah, but it was never the right time, really, and it just didn’t work out scheduling-wise with those two. It’s always a difficult thing to talk about, because it’s not fair to the actresses who ended up playing them, you know? It just wasn’t the right time.”

Jennifer Aniston has learnt to deal with Rumors

Jennifer-AnistonJennifer Aniston is the most talked about celebrity in Hollywood. And now she has learnt how to deal with rumors about her personal life. The ‘Friends’ star said to ‘CBS Sunday Morning’ that now she has decided not to worry about the things which are not under her control. Now she will not pay heed to the fake news which the media writes about her.
She said, “[I] just don’t pay attention. I think I used to really, there was a period where I was hell-bent on saying, ‘That’s not true, that’s not right, that’s not fair.’ And now I just think you have to let it roll off your back and you realize, I think everyone knows it’s all B.S. and like soap opera on paper.”
She further said, “The main thing is to try to just keep refocusing back on what you know is true and what makes you guys happy. We know what our truth is.”