Gaga Disturbed By a Fan

Lady Lady-GagaGaga is amongst the most talented and attractive stars in the music industry but the starlet faced a security issue while she was in Paris, France this week.

The ‘Just Dance’ crooner went out of her hotel when she had to attend the Paris Fashion Week. She was moving out when an over excited fan got too close to her and then the fan was taken care of by Gaga’s bodyguard which is popularly called by the media as the chokehold courtesy of the bodyguards.

Along with Gaga one more celebrity faced the same kind of tragedy in the City of lights this week. Kendall Jenner was surrounded by a huge group of fans while she was coming out of the fashion on Thursday, March 5. Robert Pattinson was also criticized for behaving harshly to a fan asking for autograph.


Lady Gaga’s Australian tour ends

Lady-Gaga's-Australian-tourThe “Just Dance” songstress Lady Gaga who checked out of her snazzy suite in Sydney after her Australian tour ended.
A huge crowd of fans greeted her while exiting from the hotel to her way to the airport. She was rocking in a furry black jacket with see-through black shorts, fishnet stockings and black lace-up boots. At one point, her coat was brushed aside, which showed her thong underwear beneath her sheer shorts.
Earlier it was reported that Madonna’s new song “Two Steps Behind Me” is said to be inspired by Gaga.