Kaspersky’s Warning-A Cyber Spy Keylogger Called Grabit Active in Business Networks


Online security giant Kaspersky had reported a new cyber spying malware called Grabit which is speared through corporate networks and small and medium business systems in India, USA and Thailand along with other nations such as those in Europe and UAE. The malware called Grabit had already stolen about 10,000 secure files from various networks in different industry verticals such as Chemicals, Media, education etc, and the maximum infection s from India and Thailand.

The malware comes in an Ms Word (.doc) attachment and when user clicks on the attachment, it launches a spying malware that is controlled by a remote computer apart from launching a keylogger. This email was mostly spread through corporate networks.

Here’s how you can find if your system is infected:
C:\Users\\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft should not have any executable files.
Run msconfig (System Configuration) to check if it has grabit.exe or grabit1.exe.
Never open any attachments fro unverified sources as this malware can pass email security checks.