Kerry Washington Super-Sexy on Edit’s Cover Page

Kerry-WashingtonWashington has done modeling for brands like Ebony and Marie Claire and now the starlet is featured on the latest edition of The Edit’s magazine.

The ‘Scandal’ star revealed that she started using Twitter to keep her mind away from the fact that she was going to birth to a baby in last April. She said, “Every Thursday within three weeks of my due date, I loaded up pre-tweets based on the episodes and what I would want to say. I tweeted in the very early stages of my labor. I figured that if I went completely silent on social media, then people would know I was in the hospital!”
About the contrast between her own personality and her character of Olivia Pope, Kerry said, “A lot of therapy! Not to say that I have it all together, but I think I have a little bit more awareness about my behavior patterns and I do the work it takes to get out of them. [Shonda Rhimes] never wrote Olivia Pope to be a role model. She wrote her to be a human being, and part of what people identify with so much is that she is conflicted. In some ways, she’s so aspirational — you want to walk like her, dress like her, command attention like her and control a situation like her. In other ways, she’s a warning of what not to be.”


Kerry Washington Talked her Heart out to Marie Claire April Issue

Kerry-WashingtonKerry Washington is amongst the most influential women in the industry. She chatted to Marie Claire for April 2015 issue revealing that she did many mistakes to reach the place where she is now.
The ‘Scandal’ star said, “Earlier in my career I was much more super-sharey. There were moments when I wanted to process things that were happening to me more privately, and I didn’t have the space to do it, because once you let people in, they’re in and you don’t get to say, ‘Oh, I want this for myself.'”
Kerry was in all praise for TV mastermind Shonda Rhimes, “I’m very respectful of Shonda’s vision of who Olivia [Pope] is, but she has said that she is informed by the choices I make. If we were waltzing, she’s definitely leading. And she picked the song, and she probably dressed us, but it is a waltz.”
She also talked about her fashion evolution, “I just put myself in a boot camp of figuring it out—and realized that I really loved it. I guess because I came to it later in life, I realized, ‘Oh, going to a fashion show is like going to the opening of Degas at the Met or going to see Swan Lake.”

Kerry Washington Showed up at Paley Fest

Kerry-WashingtonOn Sunday night, March 8, Kerry Washington gave the looks as if she is a supermodel although she plays the role of a modern-day gladiator in her successful show ‘Scandal’.

The ‘Diango Unchained’ starlet looked gorgeous as she wore a sleeveless black dress with yellow accents and matching heels. She posed stylishly for the shutterbugs outside the Dolby theatre in Hollywood where the 32nd Annual Paley Fest is scheduled to take place.

During a question answer event, one person from the audience asked Kerry how she and her co-stars tackled the real-life scandal which involved former star Columbus Short then Kerry replied, “The one thing that I would say, just so that it’s clear: everyone who’s in this family is in this family whether you’re in this show or not. I don’t celebrate the laughter at that question. I understand the question, and thank you for giving us so many viewers and thank you for understanding why we’re not going to answer that.”

Deepika and Freida are Among 100 Beautiful Faces of the World

Freida-depikaDeepikaPadunkone and Freida are beautiful and talented actresses. Deepika is known for her beautiful brown eyes and long legs while Freida is known for her charm and sex-appeal. They both are among the top 100 beautiful faces in the world. The list is made by TC Candler who is the creator of the Annual Independent Critics. Along with Deepika and Freida, Aditi Rao Hydari is also included in the list along with Kerry Washington, Olivia Wilde and Nina Dobrey.
It will be interesting to see who will win the competition. Bothe Deepika and Freida are popular. Freida was recently in news because of break-up with her long-time boyfriend Dev Patel. It was said that the reason for break-up was the actress’ closeness with SiddharthMallya. Both of them were caught at a party together. We hope that Freida is happy with her being included in the list.
Whom you want to stay ahead, Deepika or Freida?

Why Kerry Washington Applaued Priyanka Chopra?

Kerry-WashingtonPriyanka Chopra has joined hands with the American studio ABC, The studio which has churned out gems like Castle, Scandal, Revenge. PC will feature in their shows, staring with the hit comedy show Modern Family.
“The Exotic” hitmaker has not only her friends and fan following back home, but is now going places in Hollywood, making new Firangi Friends!
The Scandal star Kerry Washington is the latest name added to that list! Django Unchained’s fame, took to Twitter to express her “love” for our PC! On a piece written by the Elle magazine about Priyanka’s super success, Kerry tweeted back “LUV HER!”
PC too didn’t miss out the opportunity to seal this new bond of friendship! She tweeted, “Right back at ya!”

Hard time for Kerry Washington: Struggling with Bulumia!

Hard-time-for-Kerry-WashingWhat happened to Kerry Washington? She looks so pale?. She has lost her weight after pregnancy drastically!

Last month she looked like she had never been pregnant. Just after a month she appearing like a woman who had given birth two months earlier.

Is she again struggling with Bulumia?. It appears like true. She is fighting from after giving birth to Isabelle the same week that Scandal‘s season 3 finale aired. Producers scaled back from 22 episodes to 18 in order to accommodate Kerry’s pregnancy, and now the actress feels like she owes them.

Kerry’s friends are worried that the bulimia she was thought to have beaten years ago may have flared up now.