On Taylor Swift & Karlie Kloss Kissing Rumor

On Taylor Swift & Karlie Kloss Kissing RumorTaylor Swift and Karlie Kloss attended the 1975’s New York City concert together they were close friends at that time.
When they were watching the show in the balcony, one snooping fan took some cell phone photos that supposedly showed them kissing. He uploaded the snapshot to the internet with the presumptive caption, “exclusive taylor and Karlie making out #confirmed.”
Taylor Swift Is Billboard’s Woman of the Year.
T. Swizzle’s rep is fairly convinced that Taylor isn’t trying for romance with Ms. Kloss. He called the erroneous story as“hilarious


Michelle Rodriguez Spotted “KISSING” with new BF

Michelle-Rodriguez-Spotted-Changing gears is not new thing for celebrities. Now it’s the turn of Michelle Rodriguez who was in deep date with Cara Delevingue.

Now Michelle said goodbye to Delevingue and happily found a new boy. It it seems like she’s playing for the other team!

35-year-old actor was spotted KISSING Zac Efron multiple times while out on their Sardinia vacay!
And Zac, being the darling that he is, lovingly covered her up, and kept touching her head.
Sounds kinky!

Here the question is are they in date now, or just doing like that.