Eva Longoria Talks her Out to Glam Belleza Latina Magazine

Eva-LongoriaEva Longoria looked stunning as she is featured on the cover page of Glam Belleza Latina magazine Spring 2015 issue.
The ‘Desperate Housewives’ starlet talking to the magazine revealed that she will avoid on-screen gigs so as to develop her business portfolio and activist interests. She said, “I’ve always been business-minded. I worked in corporate America before becoming an actress and knew that acting wasn’t the end but a means to an end. It gave me the platform and the exposure I needed to do my philanthropic work. It also gave me the financial security to focus on my other businesses, start new businesses, and even help other people start businesses.”
She further said that she will focus her foundation on the Latina community, “You can’t ignore that Hispanics represent the fastest-growing demographic in this country. The future success of America is intricately tied to the future success of the Hispanic community. And it’s the women of these communities—the mothers, sisters, daughters—who make the world go around. I decided to focus on giving them opportunities so that they’re set up for success in life.”