A New Game Based on Maabartha Launched Rently

MaabarthA new game was launched rently which is based on the story of the famous Indian mythological epic Mahabaratha. An Indian-Singapore based start-up company has designed this game. This game design was initiated by Varun Devanathan, a 29-year-old software consultant. Initially, the game has been desined based on the two important characters of Mahabharatha ‘Arjuna’ and ‘Karna’. Now they are working to include more number of characters in the game.

Varun had reported that Mahabaratha story will be re-produced as a TV serial every four years once. Indian do love to watch this programmes. So, we have designed the story in the form of a game. The game was being designed by considering 14 to 30 years age group. New Delhi-based artist Anirudh Sainath and Singaporean artist Benjamin Tan, are working on designing the game. It was planned to be online by the end of 2016.