Who Rocked at Billyboard 2015 Music Awards?

illyboard-2015-Music-AwardsBillboard music awards 2015 did see some spectacular performances by reputed artists including Taylor Swift, Mariah Carey, Kanye West, Nicki Minaj, Fall Out Boy, Iggy Azalea with Britney Spears amongst others. Taylor Swift took the maximum number of accolades and awards, whereas Mariah Carey seemed a bit out of sync on the podium as she seemed to have got the wrong notes while singing. She was reportedly unwell since the past weeks, but did show some substance nevertheless.

We also saw the actual American Idol Kelly Clarkson performing for her album Invincible and getting a huge ovation from the audience. Taylow Swift took the top artist award, top female artist and chart achievement award amongst others, while the top radio song award went to John Legend for “All of Me” .Justin Bieber got the top social artist award beating Selena Gomez in the nominees.


Nick Cannon Sued Mariah Carey

Nick-Cannon-Sued-Mariah-CarThe divorce case between Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey is getting messier. Going by the reports in TMZ, the ‘Always Be My Baby’ crooner sold the couple’s Bel-Air house for $9 million which is 4 million less than the original list price.
Cannon has filed a case in which he said that Carey and business manager Michael Kane did the deal without bringing things to his notice. Nick is demanding that the money which they got from the sale of the house should be frozen till he knows the details about the distribution of money from the sale. Kane said to TMZ, “This lawsuit is frivolous and clearly a desperate act from a sadly desperate man.”

Things are Not Going on Well for Mariah Carey

Mariah-CareyIt seems that the time is not good for Mariah Carey. After giving a not-so-good Christmas performance in the New York City, she gain missed the magic in Jamaica this weekend.
The ‘Always Be My Baby’ starlet flew to the beautiful Caribbean island for the 2015 Jazz and Blues Festival. In spite of using her world-famous pipes for her songs she decided to use vocal track.
Mariah missed many words and signs as she was moving her lips on the pre-recorded vocals. This agitated the audiences and many of them posted unlikable messages on Jamica Observer websites. Messages were like, “She completely lipped [Fantasy]! I’m a die hard lamb but her mouth did not even move,” and, “She was lipping all night. At one point she had the mic at her mouth the song was playing and the crowd swear she was singing… She didn’t do one live song. Mariah was a disappointment! She couldn’t hit a high note to save her life and lipped her way out.”

Amber Rose’s Cleavage Show

Amber-RoseAmber Rose gave a feast for eyes to her fans on Instagram with her latest post. She posted a selfie in which she is dying her hairs and in the picture the most notable thing was her cleavage which is clearly visible through her open robe. Amber is getting ready for 10Ak in Las Vegas for an amazing dance party which will feature Nick Cannon.
Amber captioned her picture, “Getting ready for @1oaklv #Vegas.”
Earlier it was rumored that Rose was responsible for divorce between Cannon and Mariah Carey.

Mariah Carey Shows Off Cleavage And Legsat The Spa

Mariah-Carey-Shows-Off-Cleavage-And-Legsat-The-SpaThe “Dreamlover” fame Mariah Carey who is the selfie queen of Tinsel town takes plenty of photos when she was in relaxation mode.
She was spotted near spa donning a cleavage-baring black tank top with a pink skirt and black heels.
Carey posted her several pics on Instagram with captions like, “Having a butterfly tea party at the spa!” and, “relaxing at the spa after a long day at work with Big Jim Wright!”
According to the reports, recently Mariah and her husband Nick Cannon recently sold their Bel Air home for $10 million, though they still own property on Windermere Island, Bahamas and New York City.