‘Mean Girls’ Kylie George is Grown up and is Absolutely Gorgeous

Kylie GeorgeWhenever you see ‘Mean Girls’ it is obvious that you will think about Lindsay Lohan. That show was Lindsay’s best work. You will also remember the charcter of Regina George and the word ‘fetch’. Another important part of the film was Kylie George who was Regina’s little sister and the girl who danced in a very funny way on ‘Milkshake’ when Regina’s friend visited her house. That little girl’s role was not very long but she was impressive and touching enough to be remembered.
Now it has been ten long years since ‘Mean Girls’ was released and the little girl who played the role of Kylie is now grown up and she is Nicloe Crimi. And now she looks very beautiful. You must check out yourself.


Lindsay Lohan Flashes side Boob while enjoying on beach

Lindsay-Lohan-Flashes-side-The “Mean Girls” actress Lindsay Lohan who took to the waters of Ibiza, Spain for a relaxing afternoon on Wednesday July 30 and enjoying a day off from her daily routine.
She was in a mood of having a blast as she swam with a friend. She had donned chartreuse and black one-piece swimsuit which flashes plenty of side boob and wasn’t exactly flattering in it. She hired a SeaDoo personal watercraft from a beach vendor and drive around the coves with a big smile.
LiLo was happened to be in the house at Cipriani’s the night before when Orlando Bloom and Justin Bieber almost got into a brawl.

Lindsay Lohan Enjoys Vacation In Bikini

Lindsay-Lohan-Enjoys-VacatiThe “Mean Girls” babe Lindsay Lohan who is vacationing on a yacht off the island of Capri in Italy along with her little sister Ali is enjoying the finer things in life.
The beautiful actress donned a white bikini and swam in the gorgeous waters before lying out on the deck of the beautiful boat.
As previously reported LiLo snapped a selfie on the boat earlier this week, donning another bikini and looking super happy. And posted with a tagline, “Sending love and kisses to all.”