One Child Molestation Case Against Late Michael Jackson Dropped!


One of the child molestation cases against pop legend the Late Michael Jackson has been dropped as the petitioner had already admitted under oath that Michael did not do anything improper with him, and since the testimony was made under oath long back, the fresh charges would not be considered. The case was dropped by the judge.

Wade Robinson had claimed that Michael had molested him when he was a child and laid a claim to the dead pop star’s estate for damages. He said that after the psychological therapy he underwent, he realized that he was molested and made a fresh claim that he was raped, but the judge didn’t consider the change of mind. Michael Jackson had been accused of child molestation and there were multiple cases against him, some continuing even after his death, with his estate being the party to them.


Janet Jackson Announces a New Album and a World Tour After Seven Years of a Wait

Janet-JacksonPop Singer Janet Jackson had announced new music alum and a world tour on her 49’ birthday-in a short vieo she put out on Vimeo. Her last regular album Discipline was released way back seven years ago-and her fans were dying to hear her sing again. The singer’s albums have collectively sold more than 140 Million records and this ranks her as one of the most popular and successful artist of modern music.

Compared top legends like Elvis, Janet’s success had seen 18 consecutive super hits-overdoing him and the Beatles. Janet Jackson is the sister of pop legend Michael Jackson and stood by him during his troubled times. She was also known for her jaw-popping spread on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine-where she had her husband Rene cupping her naked essentials from behind.