Miley is just hooking up with Guys for Romance: Not Serious at all!

Miley-is-just-hooking-up-wiMiley Cyrus still “hung up” on Liam Hemsworth. It’s quiet surprising bcoz she have been dating for nine months with Mike.

Reports says that she still not made any particular statement about the relationship with Mike. It seems it may not be a permanent, as she now only hooks up for Mike’s big body. Another side she still hatching love with Liam Hemsworth, hence she is unwilling about the statements on Mike!

Miley likes Mike bcoz he has helped her career to become into a good shape.
Here the question is Miley Cyrus & Mike Will Made It — Just Friends?
It seems like “Miley and Mike do hook up but it is not serious at all,” She’s hooking up with guys, including Mike, but none of them have a place in her heart; that still belongs to Liam.”

“Late Dog Floyd” Honored by Miley Cyrus with Tattoos !. But Are They Permanent?

Late-Dog-Floyd-Honored-by-MWho is a friend. Answer is such simple any one can say is who always stands in troubles.

In the case of Miley Cyrus it exactly happened like that. Her friends were with the beauty to share her pain.

The pain for Miley is a dog. She lost her dog Floyd and the pup’s passing left the singer heartbroken

Now she is feeling relaxed from the pain, she’s decided to honor Floyd’s memory with an ah-mazing tattoo!

Not only Miley, her friends also decided to brand the ink upon themselves!

her friends at a house party on July 5th where they ALL got matching tattoos of an image of Floyd with a speech bubble that reads “With a little help from my friends.”

but it seems a bit strange that two of her friends would get something SO permanent on their bodies of a dog they probably didn’t know the way that Miley did.
It’s all something unbelievable and mysterious too.