New App Steals Information in Facebook

New-App-Steals-Information-Everyone have to be very careful while downloading applications in to our personal smart phones. There are few apps which may steal our personal details from our mobile phone. One of such kind is the Facebook ‘Unfriend’ app. This is not an official app of FB. This application can be downloaded free of cost. It gives you a notification when some one unfriend u from the facebook account, but asks for ur username and password.

Experts are warning the users to be aware of such apps. It is better to delete the application and change the passwords.

Smartphones Can Bend Into Different Shapes

Smartphones-Can-BendThis will be the interesting news of the day. Soon we can see the mobile pone in the market which has to speciality to bend into different shapes and forms.

A research was being done in the Department of Computer Science, University of Bristol in this regard. This research is based on the ‘Shape resolution’ where different shape changing materials will be used for the preparation of mobile phones. This entire research was being lead by Dr. Anne Roudaut and Professor Sriram Subramanian. They reported that the interesting phase of their research is to develop mobile phones which the features to change shape on demand. This feature of changing the shape will be very user friendly and meet the convenience of the users. Hope such mobiles will be seen soon in the market.