Who Rocked at Billyboard 2015 Music Awards?

illyboard-2015-Music-AwardsBillboard music awards 2015 did see some spectacular performances by reputed artists including Taylor Swift, Mariah Carey, Kanye West, Nicki Minaj, Fall Out Boy, Iggy Azalea with Britney Spears amongst others. Taylor Swift took the maximum number of accolades and awards, whereas Mariah Carey seemed a bit out of sync on the podium as she seemed to have got the wrong notes while singing. She was reportedly unwell since the past weeks, but did show some substance nevertheless.

We also saw the actual American Idol Kelly Clarkson performing for her album Invincible and getting a huge ovation from the audience. Taylow Swift took the top artist award, top female artist and chart achievement award amongst others, while the top radio song award went to John Legend for “All of Me” .Justin Bieber got the top social artist award beating Selena Gomez in the nominees.