Justin Bieber Gets Inspirational on Twitter

Untitled-1Justin Bieber has overcome the incident of egg assaulting his neighbor’s house last year. This weekend Justin got emotional and shared his feeling via a special post on twitter and Instagram.
The ‘One Less Lonely Girl’ crooner made use of a picture of the Golden Gate Bridge as the backdrop for his poster moment. He wants to let the world know that he believes in living life to its fullest. He wrote, “Life isn’t about having fun, it’s about being fulfilled. What’s more fun then [sic] knowing your purpose and being encouraged because you went the extra mile to help someone else. We all have a light; are we going to let it shine or mask it with unfulfilling things? I choose to let my light shine!”
He earlier said, “I’m not who I was pretending to be. Why I say I was ‘pretending’ is often we pretend to be something we’re not as a cover up of what we’re truly feeling inside. And there were a lot of feelings going on in there. I really want people to know how much I care, how much I care about people, and how I’m not that person to say, ‘I don’t give a f*ck,’ you know? I’m not that kid. I’m a person that genuinely cares, and although what’s happened in the past has happened, I just want to make the best impression on people and be kind and loving and gentle and soft.”

Justin Bieber will be Roasted on 7th March

Justin-BieberJustin Bieber is known for his strange behavior. He is either brave or stupid. But whatever he behaves like now he will get the tongue lashing of his life at he will be showing up at the Comedy Central Roast.
Going by the US Weekly, the ‘One Less Lonely Girl’ fame singer will be roasted on March 7th as he has been begging the network for very long to call him on their show.
A representative from Comedy Central said to Ryan Seacrest, “Justin has been asking us for years to roast him, so we kept telling him to create some more material and we’re thrilled he listened.”
In the weekend, Justin was teased a bit by Kate McKinnon about his Calvin Klein advertisements on ‘Saturday Night Live’.

Hailey Romance Rumors were Shooed Down by Justin Bieber

Justin-BieberAs this year’s Christmas gatherings Justin Bieber is content to go stag he’s no stranger to playing the field.
On Monday the “One Less Lonely Girl” singer took to his Instagram account to let his Beliebers know whether he is dating with Hailey Baldwin, contrary to popular opinion.
Bieber has posted his photo with the beautiful model and added the caption, “People are crazy. I’m super single and this is my good friend u would know.”
Earlier, also Baldwin explained that the relation between them are platonic- she said that she known from his childhood ,since I was like 13 and we’ve just been good friends over the years. We have just stayed close, and there’s nothing more to it than that.

Justin Bieber Trys To Shake The Shock By Thrill-seeking

Justin-Bieber-Trys-To-ShakeThe “One Less Lonely Girl” singer Justin Bieber who can never sit still has planned a full day of amusement parks soon after returning from Ibiza Spain.
He took his buddy Lil Za and a couple of gorgeous girls to California Adventure followed by a Disneyland excursion, including rides on the Hollywood Tower of Terror and Space Mountain.
It seems that Justin was trying to shake the shock of getting told off by Kate Moss while attending Riccardo Tisci’s birthday bash in Ibiza a few days earlier.

Orlando Bloom And Justin Bieber had Street Fight

Orlando-Bloom-And-Justin-Bieberhad-Street-FightThe “One Less Lonely Girl” singer Justin Bieber and the “Pirates of the Caribbean” actor Orlando Bloom came very close to getting into a fistfight while partying in Ibiza Spain on July 29.
They began exchanging verbal barbs and before long a shoving match ensued.
Thankfully, no one was hurt and the boys managed to walk away. Speculations are made that this started because Orly hung out with Selena Gomez earlier this year.
Later Justin tweeted, “Keeping it positive.”